I've learned the ultimate way to increase word of mouth recommendations. Here are the top 5 ways you too, can get more word-of-mouth referrals:

5. Service begins when the customer walks out, not when they are buying something.
Anyone can be nice to you when you are buying something, so that is not when service begins. Service begins after you have walked out of the door and have begun to use the product. How receptive and welcoming the store is when the customer needs help with something is how you determine if they the store is worthy of referrals. Service after the sale is when providing great customer service starts and the beginning to getting word-of-mouth referrals.

4. Be Genuine:
We are in the information age and there isn't anywhere to hide. Be yourself, not the persona or slick person that deserves an Oscar for the performance on the sales floor.
Word spreads (slowly at first, be patient) when a the company has a genuine culture to help customers. Customers remember, not necessarily the exact words you said, but how you made each person feel. Being genuine means speaking from the heart and people feel that.

3. Relations and experiences, not transactions: Customers/Clients are for a lifetime. Some businesses break even on acquisition costs for a client on the return visit, not necessarily on the first time the client visits, so a long term view should be adopted. When you reverse engineer a "regular" customer at a restaurant you see a pattern they all share. 5th visits came from 4th, which came from 3rd, which came from 2nd, and the 1st visit came from the investment in the marketing campaign or word of mouth. On that 1st visit, establish a connection through the interaction and quality of the experience. Very important.
2. We say No sometimes: You can't accept every sale when there is a gap between the customer's expectation of the results and the store's ability to deliver. Asking the right questions and guiding the customer to the right solution (even if it's somewhere else) is the best protocol for a happy, long term customer. Keep in mind, they'll come back in the next cycle of when they will be in the market again for your product or service.
1. The right motivation or reason to exist. The only reason for a business to exist is to provide value and empower their customers. If the only reason the company exists is for the profit, then they don't deserve to exist. The only way to live is to provide help and value to others and therefore getting paid very well for causing that value exchange. "Price is what you pay, value is what you receive" is our motto and at the core of our principles!

Business is the output of a person's passion. Passion comes from the satisfaction of performing a task. Being good at something is not enough. One has to be passionate about giving or spreading your expertise. There are plenty of people who are great at selling something, but they are not passionate about their work. Stay passionate, my friend. Passion with action will lead to success through more word-of-mouth referrals.