The Blackfin Cape May with the Black and Gold color.  It is really lightweight and with flexible temples. They're 100% titanium.  The temples are fully adjustable. They (the temples) can actually be customized by removing this temple end piece and then making the temple length shorter if you would like and then we re-insert the cover, here.  Very unique customizable temple length.  

We have a laser engraved Blackfin Eyewear logo right there as well as laser engravings on the top part (of the lens).  I don't know if you can see it, but it does say Radiant and a specific number.

Each one (Blackfin Cape May) is serial numbered on the inside (of the temple).  Right here, surgical grade silicone quality nose pads, very comfortable as well.  

Two-tone with the black and gold. This pouch right here, when we open it we're going to take out the microfiber pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth as well and it is completely washable.  

This is an eyeglass case that protects them.  It's magnetized and really hard, very strong.  They fit great inside the case.
This is the unveiling of the Blackfin Cape May.  I believe that they look even more beautiful in person than they do on the image.
Have a great day!

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