Blackfin Coral Cove Sunglasses

Blackfin has been working with titanium for over twenty years and over this time they have learned all the secrets of shaping the titanium and the skills and techniques for enhancing every one of its properties. This is why a Blackfin model is not just a spectacle frame but a masterpiece of engineering, technology and design. The few grams of titanium material contained in each Blackfin frame combines state-of-the-art technology and incredible design. Every detail is the product of an obsessive quest to create true works of art. The temples and bridge of each Blackfin titanium frame are cut from a sheet of beta-titanium only 5 tenths of a millimeter thick, a material even more highly prized and flexible than pure titanium. These reduced dimensions guarantee perfect adaptability to the human face while embodying an impeccably minimalist style. To adorn the temples, Blackfin uses high precision engraving using anodic laser technology in which the beam cuts through the surface varnish creating amazing and really unusual colour effects