Blackfin Darlington Review

The Blackfin Darlington, this is this week's best seller for women.
To start off, I have to tell you, Blackfin has quickly become one of my favorite favorite vendors.  I love their culture.  They started out back in 1971.  Maria Pramaor, there she is right there.  She is the founder of the company.  She had already been in the optical industry for several years working for another manufacturer. Then, she started to do things on her own of which back then was super, even harder to do than it is today.
They started in a city called Agordo surrounded by all of the Italian Alps and Blackfin still remains there today.  Another great thing about what Blackfin did was they started working with titanium in 1991 when nobody else was working on it.  Back then it was all nickel-based alloys and acetates and Maria, the innovator, the innovative culture that Blackfin has, they wanted to start off working with that material so they send off some people to Japan to go learn how to work with it with some of the Japanese experts.
To this day, they only source the highest grade titanium from Japan.  All of the craftsmanship is done in Italy, in their factory in Agordo.  
Back to Darlington, Darlington is available in four colors:
Color 1021 which is the Red and Pink
Color 1020 whtich is the Matte Pink and Brown
Color 1019 which is the Black and Gold and this one by the way Color 1019 is part of the Black Collection. It has microns of gold of real microns of gold around the orbital of this lens.
Color 1018 dark blue with light blue.  
All of the Blackfin titanium frames are characterized by a very beautiful and light texture that is laser engraved on the exterior of the temple.
The temples are cut thin, but yet strong so that they end up being very flexible.
The way to tell that the level of craftsmanship is high quality and high grade is because of the way the end of the temples meet.  It is absolutely perfect.
There are many manufacturers which they will sell you an expensive frame but the quality is not good because of the way that they mass produce them.  
With Blackfin, they don't mass produce them and they are going to match .  I wish that it would focus a little better 'cause you can't really see it but I'll tell ya if you ever get a chance to hold some of these, you have to.  You can really see the detail everywhere.
(sliding off temple cover in slow motion)
Each Blackfin is designed to be custom made so that it can fit, regardless of the person's length between here (beginning of temple to around the ear) and their ear.
If it happens to be that you need a shorter temple length, then it's easy.  We can cut it here or here.  It has 5 millimeter increments and we can make it shorter.  So you clip it off and this right here we can also cut it off and slide it in.  And if we customize it for you it would still be perfectly right there, without any excess in the tip.
The nose pads are made out of surgical grade silicone and  we have them available in four different shapes to accommodate each shape of nose.
I'm not sure what material exactly this is.  It's a type of plastic but it is also non-slip.
The Blackfin Darlington is perfect for either small woman's head or a medium size woman's head.  The size is 51 millimeters across in each lens so it can accommodate a really high prescription if you choose to install to the orbital of this frame.  
The high myopic prescriptions that I've put in the Blacfin Darlingtons have worked out great.  
The store has been doing so well with the Blackfin Darlington that I had a custom-made clip-on made so I could sell it if the person chooses to have it. 
The clip on fits perfect and it looks very nice, also.
It's a polarized clip-on.  The clip-on consists of a titanium and flexible bar on the top with clips that end up attaching on the bottom of the frame.  It is easy to remove and easy to put on.  
Each of the Blackfin Darlington when you but it, will come with  a microfiber pouch which also doubles as a cloth with a very nice draw-string.  
The case is flat. You can fold it flat as well when you're traveling.  Great for a suitcase, great for a bag, great for a purse.
When you're ready to use the case, build it and it has a magnet which keeps it very strong.
Very well protected.
The Blackfin Darlington Black and Gold is perfect for evening wear.  The Red/Pink and Pink/Brown and perfect for daytime wear.
For some reason, the Blue and Light Blue doesn't do as well, but all of the other three colors do phenomenally well.
Share your thoughts! Tell me what YOU think about the Blackfin Darlington.  Do you like it as much as I do? Tell me below (in the comment section)