Blackfin Luminar are the
lightest polarized lenses in the world,
with the optical quality of the glass.

Blackfin Luminar

Blackfin Luminar technology propels lenses into a new era, achieving a new degree of perfection.

Blackfin Luminar are more than merely exceptional lenses, they are the best on the market. Years of research and testing have led the way to a revolutionary product. Never before have sunglass lenses been created combining the visual sharpness of glass with extreme lightness of weight. Blackfin Luminar technology has made all this possible.

Extreme lightness of weight

Luminar are the world’s lightest lenses, the ideal match for Blackfin super-lightweight frames.

Once upon a time the choice was between sunglasses that were heavy but provided excellent vision and lightweight sunglasses with poor quality lenses. At last this is no longer the case in that Blackfin Luminar lenses deliver unequalled optical quality while being even lighter than normal plastic, ideal for Blackfin eyewear. After all, when two perfect exemplars meet,they are bound to get on.

A stunning view

Blackfin Luminar lenses deliver a stunning view of unimaginable beauty.

From now on, the view of our surroundings takes on an incredible new life as Blackfin Luminar lenses notably increase our perception of contrast and saturation. Now colours become more alive and clearly distinguished with utterly amazing definition. In practice this will be like seeing the world for the very first time, an amazing experience.

Unique in every detail

Luminar lenses are simply the best, with better than ever features.

Blackfin Luminar lenses are exceptional in every detail, featuring an oleophobic and water-repellent coating, scratch resistant and antireflection coatings and a graduated mirror finish all of which are more than mere manufacturing elements, but rather high-tech solutions making an already out-of-the-ordinary product even more unique.