Eyewear Republic Readers

Step 1:  Choose Your Reading Power
Step 2:  Choose Your Frame Color
Step 3:  Choose Your Shape

Eyewear Republic Custom Reading Glasses are the lightweight, tough, and invisible.

Eyewear Republic Custom Readers are made to provide you the best optics and they have Anti Reflective Coated Lenses to allow more light to pass through the lens and into your retina.

Transcript of Video:

Philip came in today and he said, "I want something similar to this if not, just like it"
So I said, Hey, We have our own line of reading glasses why don't I just custom make them!
So, this was the choice of frame that is very similar to his.  All I had to do was make it narrower and guess what we've come up with?
This is the final product.  In fact, He is probably looking over my shoulder trying to take a peek at it because he hasn't seen them yet.
You're probably more familiar with traditional pair of reading glasses where they're really really small.  Great for traveling and very small and compact this way (depth of lens). 
As time goes on and you begin to accumulate more reading glasses, you're going to have some upstairs, some downstairs, some in the wife's car, some in your car.
You want to have different colors and you want to have variety.
I have my own line of reading glasses where first of all, you pick the frame color.
I have:
Silver, Red, you can have elegant Gold, the most neutral Gunmetal, and Midnight Blue
Once you pick your favorite color chassis we then move to picking your shape (of lens).
I have several shapes already made for you to pick from.  This is the 0009, this one is  a slight cat-eye and it's 0002, and this is the cool rectangle shape 0011.
What Philip did today was brought in a pair of reading glasses of which they were his favorite.
They kept getting loose and it's just a really big pain and a big hassle for him so he wanted to go with mine (Eyewear Republic Reading Glasses) because mine don't have any screws, don't have a any solder points and have I mentioned that they are super super super flexible and strong?
They are 100% Stainless Steel, very flexible and they are stronger than the competitor called Silhouette.
They're closest shape that I could find that was closest to his (Philip) was this one (0011) but there was one thing that it was missing.  It needed to be very very narrow.
So, we used this as a point of reference because he loved the basic shape and we just measured his reading glasses.  They were 24 millimeters and I cut mine to be 25 millimeters.  Which is very very close.  So, we just went we shrank this and came up with this: these are his reading glasses.
Phillip, now has the coolest reading glasses in his neighborhood.
The best feature which I believe is the best competitive advantage in the Eyewear Republic Reading Glasses is that each and every pair of the reading glasses is going to have ophthalmic grade quality lenses with Anti Reflective Treatment.  It's going to get rid of all of the reflections and it's going to allow all of the light to pass through the lens with ours you have 99.99 light transmission (99.99% of light transmission).
And allow them to see much better in low lighting conditions.
When you order your reading glasses from www.EyewearRepublic.com or from me at the store you will get a very nice case, you also get a very highly absorbent microfiber cloth with all of our information on it.
The case is very strong and we have it in three different colors.  You have gray, you have kind of like a brown with a print on it, and then you have blue.  Very nice case, the cloth will be inside and the reading glasses.
I hope you like the Eyewear Republic Reading Glasses. I custom make them to how ever You would like:  Size, Shape, Chassis Color. You can have between Red, Blue, Gunmetal, Gold, and Silver.  Your choice at absolutely no extra charge. 
Have a great day!