Costa Del Mar C-Mates Gulf Shore Polarized Readers

FRAME FIT: X-Large Fit
  • 1. Frame Width135mm
  • 2. Bridge Width14.5mm
  • 3. Lens Width65.8mm
  • 4. Lens Height40.7mm
  • 5. Temple Arm Length125mm
The white sands of Gulf Shores, Alabama are made almost entirely of grains of quartz washed down from the Appalachian Mountains thousands of years ago. The Costa Gulf Shore Polarized Readers extra-large frames feature rectangular lenses as enduring as those sands thanks to their timeless design. Being rimless makes these bio-based frames lightweight, leaving you unencumbered for an easy day on the coast. 

C-MATES Sunglass Readers: The lenses that help you see the small stuff- from tying a fly to reading a map; with no visible line around the front of the bifocal area. Available in the superior 580 technology you've come to expect from Costa sunglasses. Available in three bifocal powers: +1.50, +2.00, +2.50

What to do when you love wearing polarized sunglasses but you're over 40 (years old) and now you need to be able to have reading glasses to be able to see things up close? What do you do?
The answer is to get the Costa Del Mar Gulf Shore (C-Mates) It's a large frame that is able to fit two types of head shapes (sizes).  The medium size head shape and the large size head shape.
If you have a small head, do not buy the Costa C-Mates Gulf Shore.  Go get the Ballast (Costa C-Mates) which is much smaller.  Oh my goodness, look like Neo from The Matrix.
The Gulf Shore (Costa C-Mates) is available in two frame colors.  We have the Shiny Black and the Shiny Tortoise.  Even within the Black frame choice you get to choose between two lenses.  You're going to have the Black frame with the Blue Mirror or you can have the Black frame with the Gray lenses.
The warm color options are going to be the tortoise with the copper color (which is the brown, Costa calls it copper) and then we also have the Costa Del Mar C-Mates Gulf Shore available in a tortoise with a green mirror. Which is going to have a Copper Base color with a Green Mirror in the front.  This is the color that you end up looking through (Copper) but when everyone sees you, they're going to see the Green Reflective treatment.
For the reading powers, we're going to have three reading power options.  We're going to have a +1.50, a +2.00, and a  +2.50.
The Costa Del Mar Gulf Shore when it comes to fitting and comfort is absolutely my favorite in the C-Mates collection.  It has nose pads and if you want to adjust the elevation of the bifocal, which this is what the bifocal will look like. There it is, bam, right there.  And you can barely see it.  I have to get up really close because if I put on, you can't see it.
So, if I want to raise or lower the bifocal on these pair of Gulf Shore Costa Del Mar sunglasses you would adjust the nose pads. 
We have two areas of this frame where they have the Hydrolite special material that is non-slip.  We're going to have it on the nose pads and on the temple tips.
This style (Costa Del Mar C-Mates Gulf Shore) has the least amount of surface area covered with Hydrolite and it was a concern to me and I always wondered will the sunglasses slip compared to some of the other frames that have a much higher surface area covered with the Hydrolite.
And, I found the trick.  I could not get them to slip but let's say they do, let's assume they do (slip) I did an experiment where I used thin material here thin material the frame is made from the plastic I slightly warmed it up and I was able to adjust it.  So it is adjustable I would say go to somebody that is an expert or has a lot of experience adjusting materials before you go try this a home before you give it to anybody that isn't familiar with adjusting glasses properly.  So yes, you do have a little bit of Hydrolite, it holds on very well, but in case you need additional non-slip support slightly adjust here.
The Costa Del Mar C-Mates Gulf Shore is going to be the most comfortable in the C-Mates Collection because it doesn't even have a frame around the orbital of the lens so it's super lightweight.  Not only is it lightweight but I have an unobstructed view of my whole field of vision. But the entire field of vision looks great.  I don't have any distractions when it comes to the frame like I do in the Costa C-Mates Brine or some of the other styles.  
Because it's very lightweight and very thin, you're going to give up on how tough and rugged the Costa Del Mar sunglasses tend to be.  
I say this because doesn't have the  Cam Hinge Feature that the new ones do.  I would say be more careful with these if you are used to being able to abuse and really go hard at it with these Costa Del Mar.  You might want to be just a little more gentle with the Gulf Shore C-Mates.
The Costa Del Mar C-Mates Gulf Shore you have available of getting a retainer that Costa calls the Costa Keeper.  It is available in four colors:
1. You have the Black
2. The Blue
3. The Mossy Oak Camo
4. The Realtree Xtra Camo.
The way that I've organized the website is very simple and very easy.  You can choose the color of the frame, the color of the lens, the Add Power (bifocal power), and then down here you can choose the Costa Keeper and you can choose the colors.
Regularly the Costa Del Mar C-Mates Gulf Shore Readers, they cost $189 dollars and then the only additional cost would be if you wanted to get the Mirrors whether it be the Green Mirror or the Blue Mirror of which you would pay $20 dollars extra.
At we're going to be able to give you any of the Costa Del Mar at 10% Off, we're going to have Free Shipping, and you're not going to pay Sales Tax.
When you receive the box and open it up and you're going to see the Costa gift box.  Inside you'll find the Costa Zipper Case, and it's nice because it is crush proof.
Inside the Costa Zipper Case you're going to find a thank you note from Costa and with this little pamphlet you going to find the limited warranty.  It says Costa's limited lifetime warranty which only covers manufacturer's defects it doesn't cover abuse or accidents or it being lost.
So, be careful with them.  
Anyway this piece of paper is great it's going to talk about the warranty and it's also going to talk about the different light conditions and suggested lenses for those light conditions.  
Everybody's favorite, the Costa sticker.  Put it on the back of your car, put it on your window, put it anywhere, put it on your forehead, just put it somewhere because it's pretty nice.  
And last but never least, the Costa microfiber cloth.  Wash it every couple of weeks.  Clean your lenses with it.  When you're cleaning your lenses with it, make sure you rinse them underneath some water then you use some dish soap dry them off with this (Costa microfiber cloth) and then wash the cloth.
If you have any questions please call me: 281-236-7625
Text me, email me, comment below.  I'm here to help you.
Have a great day!