Costa Del Mar Ballast Review

The Costa Del Mar Ballast are going to be the lightest weight and most comfortable sunglasses in the entire Costa Del Mar Collection.
They are lightweight and cover all the way around.  They have a good wrap feature and nice design so you can get full coverage and block out the sun from all angles.
They are available in two frame colors and within those frame colors multiple lens colors.
My favorite one and most varieties is going to come from the tortoise frame.  The tortoise frame has the copper lens, which is a green.  The green mirror lens when people look at you they will see the green mirror and when you're looking through it, you are going to see through the copper.
You are also going to have something that is unique to only Costa Del Mar frames and that is going to be a copper base but in the front it's going to have a silver mirror.  All of the other companies use a silver mirror with a gray base.  Costa Del Mar has the option of you choosing whether you have in some frames, gray base and silver mirror and in the Costa Del Mar Ballast they're going to offer you a copper base with a silver mirror. In the gray frame, you will have two colors choices on the lenses.  You'll have the gray and you're also going to have the blue mirror.
The Costa Del Mar Ballast is going to have the Hydrolite technology which is going to be a non slip material available here in the temple tips and also in the adjustable nose pads.
Yes, I said adjustable nose pads.  If you're going to have nose pads get adjustable whenever possible.
The Costa Del Mar Ballast, they are definitely for small heads. I do not have a small head.  It's going to be for small heads, not for medium heads.  I have a big 'ole head, but look at how non-slip the Hydrolite material is.  They don't even move.   
When you order from you're going to get 10% Off your entire order of Costa Del Mar frames.
They're going to come in a box. When you open it, you will get....
the Costa Del Mar gift box, Sku Number, every body's favorite the zipper case.  This pamphlet has great information on the lenses and the different light conditions that are optimal for those lens colors, a very nice thank you note from Costa Del Mar, a great sticker that you can adhere to any other surface that you would like (windows, car bumpers, anything you would like), microfiber cloth.  I suggest you that you wash this cloth every week or two (weeks) in the washing machine.
The reason why Costas are so popular is because of the technology they have on the polarization.  Anytime you have a really bright sun, if you're out on the boat, if you're out on the beach, if you're out on the water by the pool, you're going to get a lot of glare and the glare happens because light is coming in from oblique angles.  That is the light that causes blinding glare.  Light that is coming parallel gets filtered and passed through.  Any light that is coming in at those angles is considered visual noise, it's very annoying, it hurts our eyes, and it prevents us from seeing as good as we could.
Costa Del Mar lenses do a phenomenal job of keeping the clarity, blocking out the harmful blue light, blocking out the UV rays, filtering the light, getting rid of those annoying yellows and blues and enhancing and giving you really good color contrast.  This copper color lens is a favorite among fisherman that are fishing in less than 20 feet of water.  
Also, another group of people that absolutely love the copper lens are the golfers.  When they're wearing this lens, it gives them a little bit of advantage because of the color contrast and they're able to see on the green.  They're able to see the nuances of the actual shape of the surface of that golf course.
If you have a small head and you've never tried on the Costa Del Mar Ballast, please give it a shot.  Try it on before you buy and make sure it fits and I hope you have a great day!