Costa C-Mates Brine Polarized Readers

  • FRAME FIT: Large Fit
  • 1. Frame Width126.7mm
  • 2. Bridge Width18.5mm
  • 3. Lens Width58.8mm
  • 4. Lens Height36mm
  • 5. Temple Arm Length117.6mm
Get the benefit of readers and sunglasses all in one. Equipped with our patented C-Mate technology, these Costa Brine Polarized reader sunglasses are the perfect balance of performance and function, whether it's spotting a fish, tying a hook or reading a map. Without any visible line separating the bifocal area, these performance fishing men's reader sunglasses make for a seamless day spent discovering a new stretch of water, casting and getting one on the line. With three bifocal power ranges of +2.50, +2.00 and +1.50, we have the perfect pair for any taste.

Transcript of Video:

I have mixed feelings about the Costa Del Mar C-Mates Brine and I'm going to tell you all about it in this video.
The Costa Del Mar C-Mates Brine is a pair of reading sunglasses that is wonderful for people that are over 40 (years old) and they need help reading up close.
For example, people that fish they need to be able to tie a knot because you can't just take on and off on and off your reading glasses and change for your sunglasses when you're out on the boat or out fishing.
Great idea, Costa Del Mar C-Mates has a wide variety of styles they come in different sizes, different shapes, different colors, different lens options.
Today we're talking about the Costa Brine.
Medium Shape: It is not for large heads and it's not for small heads.  If you have a small head and you would like to get some of these reading glasses that are Sunglasses Polarized go ahead and get the Costa Del Mar C-Mates Ballast.  
If you have a Big Jug, a big head then you might want to get some others.  For example: the Costa Del Mar C-Mates Gulf Shore, there is a Costa Del Mar C-Mates Tuna Alley.  There are others in the collection.
This is for Medium heads and there is an advantage though, I do want to talk about.
It's a medium frame but it has a small profile so you can wear it with caps.  It doesn't go up and it''s not going to interfere also you have the ability to also curve the temple down if you choose to.  
So it's great if you going to wear caps or hats.
Now, let's talk about the bifocal. The bifocal is available in three powers: +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50.  The frame itself is available in two colors: you have the black and you have the classic tortoise.  They are both shiny.
When you get the black frame, it's available in the colors: Gray and Blue Mirror.
When you're looking through the Blue Mirror lens you're going to look through the Gray lens.  When people are looking at you, they're going to see the Blue Mirror Reflection on there.
In the Tortoise color, like this one, you're going to have two lens color options: You're going to have the Tortoise with the Copper and you're going to have the Green Mirror, which is this one.
When you have the Green Mirror, you're going to be looking through the a Copper Color Lens and when people look at you, they're going to be seeing a Green Mirror Treatment on there.
The Bifocal is placed at a really nice elevation.  I will admit that when I'm looking through it the bifocal is just perfect.
They designed the bridge very great to where the bifocal is just where I have to just glance down, move my eyes down and I access the bifocal.  I can look at my watch.  I can look at my phone.  I can tie fish knots.  I can do anything I like and the bifocal does not interfere.  I have a really good peripheral.  
The wrap frame design allows me to put them on and to be able to see at a really wide angle.  I don't want to say 180 degrees because obviously my eyes don't move at that angle, but it covers all the way and that sun does not get in here. 
We have some really good vents.  It's supposed to avoid the lenses or prevent the lenses from fogging up.  I would rather say, it doesn't completely prevent them from fogging up but they will get fogged up but it does help.
It it didn't have the vents, they would fog up a lot worse than they do.
They (Costa Del Mar C-Mates Brine) have a non-slip feature called Hydrolite and they have co-molded temples which begins about halfway and this material is again, Hydrolite, the surface area is completely covered in it at least the part that covers and touches your ear and your head on both temples and on the small little nose pads.
They are not adjustable nose pads but they fit very well.
The reason why I have mixed feelings about the Costa Del Mar C-Mates Brine is because it's one of the original frames in the collection and it's one of the original C-Mates as well.  So, other styles have come around and they have been made since then.  So, this one, it doesn't have the Cam-Lock Feature (on the temple) like some of the new styles do.  The frame itself is really good but the difference is that Costa Del Mar has come up with some newer styles that I think are superior to this one.  So the Brine are good old classic C-Mates Costa Del Mar Sunglasses which are awesome but there's just newer stuff out there.  When you consider the law of diffusion of innovation you're going to have the people that are late to the party that just don't want to change.  They've been around for a long time, they're not going to want to change and that's fine. 
They're just going to want to get the same old pair of sunglasses that they've had and if that's the case then continue getting the Costa Del Mar C-Mates Brine.  You're going to be very happy with it.  These Brine are tough and rugged, even though they don't have the Cam Lock feature.
So, go ahead and continue getting the Costa Del Mar C-Mates Brine, but if you have already had the Costa Del Mar C-Mates Brine, I'd suggest just going for something else, but if you never get bored of having the same style, then continue getting the Costa C-Mates Brine.
On our website ( we have them for 10% Off and Free Shipping. 
The only thing extra that you pay $20 extra for would be the Green Mirror or the Blue Mirror.  They Gray and the Copper lens whether it be the Gray on the Black frame or the Copper on the Tortoise frame is no additional cost.
I hope you've found this video helpful.  Please let me know how I can continue to help you.  Comment Below if you have any other ideas or maybe some things that I have left out.  Until the next video, Have a great day!