Costa Del Mar C-Mates Tuna Alley Review
Transcript of Video:
Costa Del Mar C-Mates Tuna Alley, they are reliable, they are rugged, they are tough.  We discuss them and review them.. today!
Costa Del Mar C-Mates Tuna Alley, they're going to come in two frame colors: black and it's going to be the tortoise.
When you go with the black you're going to have a choice of two lens colors.
The black frame with a grey lens or you can choose the black frame with the blue mirror.
When you choose the tortoise, you also have two lens color choices:
 You're going with Tortoise with Copper, which is actually this color right here.  Costa Del Mar calls it copper (it's a brown).
and the second choice is going to be the tortoise with a green mirror.
When you're looking through the green mirror lens, you're going to see the copper base and when people are looking at you they can admire the green mirror coating.
580-P technology is very good.  This is the 580-P technology on all of these glasses (Costa Del Mar C-Mates Tuna Alley)
blocking of the HEV Blue Light, which is really important.  Blocking out the Blue Light means that it's going to help you maintain your circadian rythm.  When you maintain your circadian rythm you don't have to worry about imbalancing the melatonin levels and when the melatonin levels are balanced then you know you're going to have good sleeping cycle. You're going to sleep well and get a full night sleep. When you're melatonin levels are off, you're circadian rythm is off you can't sleep well, so let's block out that HEV Blue Light with the Costa 580 Technology.
The Costa Del Mar C-Mates Tuna Alley is a large size frame.
It's going to fit medium sized heads and large heads.
It's also important to point out that the lens size from side to side is going to measure 61.8 millimeters and the bridge is 13 millimeters.
The Hydralite technology is in this frame in the nose pads and also along the temple tips. The Hydrolite technology is going to allow for non-slip surface so when you're wearing them they don't even slip.
They're on there, they're secure, the're not going anywhere.
There's going to be three vents on each side of the lens.
Right over here it's actually on the frame on this side and also on this side. 
The vents are going to help to prevent fogging. They reduce the fogging quite a bit but I have noticed that depending on how humid the percentage of humidity levels, they still will get fogged up a little bit, but it does help to have these vents.
You can see the bifocals right here.  I just turned them around so you can see them because when I face them this way they are invisible.
The bifocals reading powers are going to be three different powers.
You can choose +1.50, you can go with a +2.00, or you can go with a +2.50.
I used to be afraid of buying frames that had bifocals and yet the frame didn't have any adjustable nose pad.
Every Costa Del Mar frame in the C-Mates collection that has the bifocal seems to fit perfectly.  I have it on and looking at a distance and that bifocal is down here and it's not in the way at all.  It doesn't get me dizzy, it doesn't even feel like I have the bifocal.  All I have to do is just look at as if I had a watch, a phone, and I am able to access the full reading power.
Don't be afraid of buying these because you're not sure if the bifocal is going to be at a good elevation.
It's at a great height (the bifocal).
The frames themselves are C-Mono Retainer Ready, meaning that they have the Costa Del Mar Retainer and they have one that fits this one specifically.
It's the C-Mono Retainer available in five colors:
Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, and last but never least Red.
An extra bonus to the 580 technology on the lenses which I forgot to tell you earlier was that they are going to have a Non Reflective Treatment on the back side.  Anti Reflective  treatment on the back side of the polarized lens, when you put them on you're not going to get any reflection of your own eye on the back surface of the lens.
When you order from you're going to get 10% Off all of your Costa Del Mar order and when you receive it, you will get a box, a packing slip, a Costa Del Mar gift box, inside the gift box, you're going to have the Costa Del Mar Zipper Case.
Inside the Zipper case you're going to have a Costa Del Mar microfiber cloth, Costa Del Mar Sticker put it anywhere you'd like.
Hey, this little slip is Costa thanking you. This slip is very helpful because it talks about all their different lenses and the light conditions that they are best on.
The back of the slip is going to talk about Costa Del Mar's Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Which, I'll spare you the reading, it basically talks about how they don't cover abuse and they only cover Manufacturer's Defects and normal wear-and-tear is not covered.
The Costa Del Mar C-Mates Tuna Alley is a tried and true beast.  This thing is a work horse.  It lasts a long time.  It's very tough.  I suggest that if you like it, go ahead and get it.  It will be good to you.