Costa Del Mar Reefton

Costa Del Mar Reefton Polarized Sunglasses
  • 1. Frame Width129.2mm
  • 2. Bridge Width16.4mm
  • 3. Lens Width63.7mm
  • 4. Lens Height42.3mm
  • 5. Temple Arm Length111.7mm
These size large frames are the perfect companion to explore any body of water and will stay put on larger heads under any condition thanks to their co-molded temples, Hydrolite nose and temple pads, and cam action spring hinges. 

Recommended Retainer: Fathom Cord

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, they're not just for fishing anymore and the Costa Del Mar Reefton style changed that.
Costa Del Mar Reefton. It's a large style and it's available in six colors: Blackout, the Race Black, the Matte Moss, the Retro Tortoise, Matte Blue, and this one which is the Matte Gray.
It's a large style. Some of the frame measurements, for example with handy dandy PD stick (pupillary distance ruler).
From here to here 63.7 millimeters which is this much.
The bridge is 16.4 millimeters width.  They don't have a adjustable nose pads but they do have a very good angle so that it can fit different width of bridges.  For example: I have a narrow bridge, but yet it fits just fine.  If a person has wider bridge, then what would happen is they would slightly just fit higher.  And we have plenty of area to work with so that it would fit many different size face shapes.
The reason why the Costa Del Mar Reefton never slip on your face is because of the co-molded temples and the nose pads (they are not adjustable but they do have nose pads) and they are made out of a material that they (Costa) call Hydrolite.  The co-molded has two different materials and they've been blended together.  Do you see that?
This is a test of how they do not at all absolutely slip.
Another feature about the Costa Del Mar Reefton is that they are strap ready, people, or as Costa Del Mar says, "Retainers".  Over here there the is only one that fits absolutely great, the Fathom Cord.
It has two little spots but all you do is slip it inside and I'll have the link below for Fathom Cord link so you can buy it from us.
The Reefton has something that only a few of the Costa Del Mar Styles have and that is called a Cam Action Hinge.
The cam-action is similar or serves the purpose of a spring hinge.  Now, I'm not exactly sure what the detail of the mechanism that exists inside.  Right here, this little moving part, but it has a really strong spring.
There's a few other styles within the new collection that also has this cam action that I want to show you.
The traditional hinge that Costa Del Mar makes is going to be similar to that of the Tuna Alley where it does not have the flex or the spring hinge action, ok, at all.
Classic style like Blackfin also don't have it.
Or, one of my favorites also, best sellers, Fantail.  They don't have the Cam Action (hinge), but the Reefton does and it's really awesome because if you have a really big head, (Hey, like me) it will widen out just enough to still create the tension necessary so that they don't fall down they don't slide at all.  They are very very well designed.
Thank you, Costa.
Depending on the frame color that you really want is going to give you the availablity of their lens colors.  Of course, they're going to have the glass, the 580G Glass which is completely unscratchable.  Ok, and I'll be doing a different video on the unscratchability of these 580G Technology.
But not today.
Anyway, the 580G if you happened to get it, is unscratchable. You cannot, and even if it has a mirror treatment, impossible to scratch at all.
But yes, depending on the frame color that you choose you're going to have available the different lens colors and the different lens options.
The ones (frame colors) that have the widest selection of lens colors is going to be the blackout and the retro tortoise.  The other styles which are going to be the Matte Moss, the Race Black, the Matte Blue and the Matte Gray, those are going to have limited color options but you're still going to have some choices that will go kind of match the frame color.  Again, the Matte Gray limited colors but it is still my favorite.
Now, I would like to answer some of the questions that some of you emailed me.  
So, Question #1:
Do Costa Del Mar Reefton provide good sun protection?
Yes, they are polarized.  They block 100% of the UV.
They even block the High Intensity Blue Light .
It will block out a lot of the sun because it's a complete nice wrap around style.
Question #2:
Do Costa Del Mar Reefton stay in place?  Well, I think we answered that earlier with all the head shaking that I did.
But if you want me to do it again, I'll go ahead and do it.
Didn't slip at all. 
Question #3 (Tres):
Do Costa Del Mar Reefton break easily?
The cam action hinge design helps them not to break easily.  I haven't put these through a torture test but they're pretty darn strong.  So, I'm going to have to say that they do not break easily.  And if you have the 580G lens, you can't scratch it.
Question #4:
Are Costa Del Mar Reefton attractive?
Uh, yeah I believe that they are attractive, but that is very subjective and going to have to let you decide that after you try it on.  But Hey, I think they are attractive.
Question #5:
Are Costa Del Mar Reefton comfortable to wear?
Yes they are comfortable to wear.
Question #6: This is a good question
Can I put my eyeglasses prescription on Costa Del Mar Reefton?
Yes and No.  The answer is Yes if you have a mild myopic prescription. And then, actually if you have a mild myopic and hyperopic prescription.
I would not put, because the curvature of this frame I would not go higher than a -4.00 (diopters) then you would choose something else that maybe is not as curved as this one.
So, Yes, you can put your prescription and you can even go as far as putting your Progressive Lens or Your multifocal lens into the Costa Del Mar Reefton.
And when you order the Costa Del Mar Reefton from they're going to come with a box and inside you're going to have a giftbox from Costa with Sku number information.
The classic Costa Del Mar Zipper Case.  A sticker that you could put in either in the back of your car or the window.
A thank you from Costa themselves and this is the nice part.  The microfiber cloth, it's really big and nice.
If you have big sunglasses so you can actually grip really well the entire lens. Not like a lot of other optical frame companies that just give you a little bitty cloth and you cannot really clean the lenses well.
This, also, you can wash every week or every couple of weeks in Your washing machine.
Thank you very much for watching and thank you very much for sending and emailing these questions.  I want to provide you with most detailed type of review by looking at  frames, are they comfortable? the sizing? Buying online can be difficult so I hope that when you do have any questions that you can either call me, text, email me. 
Comment below, any questions that you might have.
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