Costa Del Mar Rincon Sunglasses Preview

This is a special preview to one of the new releases that Costa Del Mar has for the Costa Rincon R-I-N-C-O-N Rincon.  That is how you pronounce it if you speak Spanish.  If you don't speak Spanish you might say Rincon, which is perfectly fine too.
So, a special thanks to William out at Haskell Oklahoma. Awesome, thank you for placing your order and this is the how the Rincon comes.

We have a really nice box special sku number in there.  We have a zipper case and here we go.  Now, he ordered the special 580G technology with the Green Mirror, which we have it in stock.
This one is really special because the lens itself is completely unscratchable. Alright, of course, if you hit it with a hammer or run them over with the car you might break the lens but under normal wear and tear it is unscratchable.
The hardness of this lens is amazing.  I'm going to be doing a video soon (probably within the next few days) where I actually put it (580G technology) through a torture test and I compare this other unnamed company right now with the Costa Del Mar 580G Technology.  Thank you William from Haskell Oklahoma for ordering these bad boys right here: 580G Technology.  This is that Smoked Crystal gray.  
It also comes with the zipper case, we have introduced that, with a really nice sticker and all of them have been coming with a free sticker for a very long time which is pretty nice because people put it in the window of their car.  I see a lot of people put in the back of their cars.
Alright, then we have some information. I'm not going to call it a certificate of authenticity because it's not.  It talks more about the details about the lenses and the different light conditions that are optimal for their lens technology.
Ex: Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses for example is going to be great for mornings also with low lighting conditions and a special thank you from Costa itself.
This is really nice.  A highly absorbent microfiber material and it is really big.  It's bigger than what most companies provide and it's thicker. 
All of the other companies out there get really cheap with their microfiber cloths. Costa doesn't.  So here we go, William this is coming out to you today.  A special thank you to you.  I wouldn't quite say this is a review, but hey I didn't go into so much detail but yeah this is the new Costa Rincon. I'll tell ya, it has been a really nice one.  Costa has a similar name for a different frame called the Rinconcito and maybe I'll do that one next but for now look at this.  Stay tuned for more Costa Del Mar Sunglasses videos.  Have a great day!