Martyn, Ben, and Marcus travel 76 miles for me to properly fit and adjust their eyeglasses.  
What does Customer Service Mean To You? Tell me in the comment section below.
What does customer service mean to me? It means being there for you when you need me. Customer service is NOT someone being nice to you only when you are buying something.  Customer service is providing support when you are living your day-to-day life and you call me with a question, or you text me during odd hours, or when you would like to see if I can stay open a little later because you are caught in heavy traffic.

Question: What is Customer Service?
Answer: Customer Service is being there for your customers when and how they need you, not when you want to be there for them.

Transcript of Video:
We have traveled 76 miles. We have opticians around the corner where we live in Katy. We travel 76 miles here today, in and out.
We've got our glasses adjusted and we've been to see our Master Craftsman here, Jairo.
Thank you.  thank you very much, Jairo!
The definition of customer service.  Customer Service is not somebody being nice to you when you're buying something.
Customer Service has to do with you picking up the product.  You picking up what you bought. You are all excited and then you're living you're everyday life.  And then, when something happens and you need adjustments on your glasses or you need something repaired. You need something fixed, anything that might be or you want a check up to make sure that everything is ok before you go out of town.  That is when you come in, come see me and that is when Customer Service begins.  
In this case, Ben and Martyn wanted to come in because Ben needed his glasses adjusted and as it turns out Martyn needed his glasses adjusted too.
What's up Fellas! 
Hey everybody! This is Ben, Marcus, and Myself, Martyn!
We've traveled 76 miles.  We've got opticians round the corner where we live in Katy, Texas. We traveled 76 miles here today, in and out.
We've got our glasses adjusted and we've been to see our Master Craftsman here, Jairo.
Thank you!  
Ben, are you happy with Your glasses?
Yes, they are so good!
So good!
So, while Ben was at school during the week, they (the glasses) got misaligned they were a little bit like this, so Ben comes in and I fix them for him. 
Customer Service is about being there for You when You need us, when You need me, when You need my services.
When you have a question, you can text me.
Martyn was texting me like 8:30am in the morning, going Hey Man Are You Going To Be There?
I make myself available for You when You need me.
So, have a great day! See You Soon!