Difference Between Costa Del Mar 580P and 580G Lenses

Transcript of Video:
The Costa Del Mar question I get asked the most is, "Would You tell me what the difference is between the 580P technology and 580G technology?
We are going to cover that, today!
The most obvious difference is always going to be the price.  There is actually a $60 difference between the 580P and the 580G and sometimes $80 difference depending on if you're getting the Blue Mirror, Green Mirror, or the Silver Mirror.
If you look a little deeper we're going to definitely appreciate that if "Price is What You Pay, and Value is What You Receive" and I do have to tell you that the 580G Glass is worth it.  If you can pay a little bit extra, please pay it.
We're going to go over all of the benefits and all of the value propositions that the glass brings.
An old argument that I will be putting to rest today is going to be, "Don't get the glass because it's much heavier".
We're going to put that to rest because we're going to weight them, we're going to measure them in grams, and I'm going to prove to you the argument was valid 30 years ago is no longer valid today. 
Costa Del Mar started back in 1986, so could they have used heavy glass back then? Probably so, but in 2019, that is not the case.
This is a high index glass and it's very good quality, we're going to weight it right now.
First up on the scale is the  580P.  5 grams, really good.
That is the equivalent of 5 pennies.
Second up, the 580G (glass).  Hey, it's only 10 grams.
Look, 5 additional grams, it's not enough to deter me from not getting the glass.
There are several things that they both have in common because it's the 580 technology.
One of them is going to be that they both block out 100% of the harmful HEV Blue Light.  The HEV Blue Light is bad because it has been proven to alter circadian rythms, affecting melatonin levels and therefore affecting your sleep.
They are both polarized and they are also obviously blocking 100% of the UV light.  They both give you better color contrast and because they block the yellow light at 580 nanometers, it boosts reds, blues, and greens.
The glass is going to have six layers:
1. The C Wall Molecular Bond
2. Glass Layer
3. Encapsulated Mirror
4. Polarized Film
5. Glass Layer
6. and the C Wall Molecular Bond
The Glass in going to have higher optics.  There is a way to measure with something called the ABBE value.  The ABBE Value in glass the clearest most purest vision that you can get, and the 580G Glass lens can give you that.
So the 580G does have that advantage over the 580P.
Something I do like about both of them is they are both going to have Anti Reflective Treatment on the back side of the lens.  You are not going to have the annoying reflection of your own eye in the back of the lens.
We're going to try to get really close here.
I want to show you the difference in the markings.
The 580P has a really well defined 580P laser engraving on the lens.
While the 580G glass has just a 580 laser engraving but it is not as clear and well defined as the 580P.
Something that I discovered today was the difference in vibrancy of the blue mirror.  The 580G glass is just WOW, it just so much brighter and bluer.
The 580P blue mirror is just a little less intense and that is a big deal.  If I was getting a mirror treatment, I want that 580G vibrancy and brightness that it gives me.
I would like to say something that is really nice on the 580G compared to other brands (like: Maui Jim).
The 580G is actually 20% thinner and 22% lighter in weight than other brands (like Maui Jim).
And here it is, the piece de resistance, if that is even a thing in France.
The 580G lens, the reason why it is worth how much ever it costs extra is: it is impossible to scratch.
You cannot scratch this.  This on the hardness scale is glass.
Unless you're going to get a piece of metal or nail and scrape on there of course you'll scratch it that way.  But for the most part, it's impossible to scratch.
The 580G is going to be worth it every time, in my opinion.
580P does have a scratch resistant treatment but it is not unscratchable.
One thing that the 580P is superior than the 580G is going to be on impact resistance.
About that impact resistance on though, on the glass, the glass is much higher in impact resistance than people give it credit for .
My clumsy hands have dropped the 580G glass in the past and have not broken them. 
Those, my friends, are the differences between 580P and 580G Costa Del Mar lenses.