Do Not Buy the Lindberg N.O.W. Titanium Collection.

The N.O.W. Titanium collection is characterized by a design flaw that has been ignored by the Lindberg Company even though the negative feedback has existed for over 2 years.

The thin composite that makes up the front of the frame is 2 millimeters thick. To understand the defects, one has to begin with how the prescription lenses fit into the frame.  

The prescription lenses have to be grooved and installed using a cold mount method because if you use heat on the thin composite, it deforms.  

When the cold mount method is used it begins to create micro fissures on the material.  As time goes on and the eyeglasses are worn, these micro fissures expand and are soon viewed as cracks by the wearer.

The second design flaw is where the titanium temple and the 2 millimeter composite meet at the temporal edge of the front of the frame.  Regular wear and tear caused by the natural opening and closing of the temple hinge causes the stress fractures that quickly turn to cracks at this meeting point.


Yes, they have 4 different nose pads choices,

Yes, they are lightweight,

Yes, the Lindberg Company have designed genius frames,

Yes, Yes, Yes,

Bottom Line:

Do Not Buy the Lindberg N.O.W. Titanium frames.