Each Person Is Unique, Each Problem Is Different

Transcription of Video:
Every person is very unique.  Every situation is very different.  A lot of offices just aren't geared to take the time to do the one on one.
They're good at talking, but they're just not good at listening.
This all goes back to wanting to listen to your unique situation.
Kai and I were just talking and he asked me if I've ever done a video where people have a pair of glasses for distance and one pair of glasses for upclose and I was thinking, well, normally people they end up that way when they are non-adapts to progressive lenses.  Meaning, that they couldn't wear the progressive lenses because it wasn't comfortable for them for some reason, maybe they get dizzy, whatever the reason.
One gentleman bought one pair of eyeglasses for reading and then one pair for distance, but let me tell you the backstory on his special situation.
He has really advanced cataract on his right eye.  His vision is very spotty, at best.  Visibility is down.  Light transmission is completely distorted and just not there.  Most of his vision he is getting from his left eye. 
He was referred to me by a long time customer, thank you 
He put on her reading glasses and absolutely fell in love with them. He knew that there was something very special about Caro's reading glasses and the way in which they were crafted.
So he came to me to make him strickly a set of reading glasses.   And I did, but before he left I started thinking hold on a second.  If his current progressive lenses aren't working at all and he only uses them to see distance then I suggested something completely radical.
Which was, let's get rid of his progressive lenses. 
He was looking through the portion that was supposed to be for reading, he wasn't getting any visibility at all.
So that is why I made him a set of really good reading glasses that were much better than what he could ever have in his progressive lenses.  So I made a suggestion, lets get rid of the progressive lenses and make his lenses only for distance on the ones he is currently wearing.
And I did that being that the lenses just weren't any use at all and he is driving and using these progressive lenses for everything, he was going to get much better vision with the lens that is only for distance. 
So sure, he is going to have an inconvenience of having to take off his distance glasses, put on his reading glasses, but keep in mind that his progressive lenses were not working for him.
Every person is very unique.  Every situation is very different and there's alot of variables that we have to consider when speaking to each individual person.  A lot of offices just aren't geared to take the time to do the one on one. 
They're good at talking but they just aren't good at listening.
Someone very wise told me a long time ago.  They said, why do we have the ratio of two ears and one mouth.
Well, the answer that he taught me was because we need to listen twice as much as we speak. 
This all goes back to wanting to listen to you, wanting to listen to your unique situation.  Tell me what you think, maybe I can help you out.  Better yet, come by the store when you have a moment and hopefully we can chat over your unique situation. 
Have a good day!