Customer Service. It's not about how nice a person is when they are trying to sell you something.
Customer Service is how the company is going to solve your problem, solve your difficulty, or solve your obstacles.  It's all about problem solving and it's about being there for the customer when they need something, really.  
So this is a funny story....  Priscilla, she ordered these glasses with a progressive lens  for her updated prescription because she wanted a, you know, have a new prescription.  So, she ordered these frames, when I called her to tell her that they were ready she told me something news that would normally create havoc for companies for opticals so she told me, "Oh my gosh, Jairo. I made a huge mistake. I gave you the wrong prescription" 
So what happened is she gave me the old old old prescription.  Not the updated prescription that the doctor had written just a couple of months back. So I said, great Priscilla, no big deal.
Text it to me, email it to me and I'll gladly remake the lenses not only at no charge because it's what I love to do. I want to make sure that things get done properly, that things get done correctly, that things are done perfectly.
And, as they say, S.H.I.T. happens, it does happen.  It happens to anybody and in this case Priscilla gave me the wrong prescription, but that is ok because i'm here to make You happy!
And I love what I do.  And, again, I love opportunities to prove that customer service is about being there for You when you need it.  Not being there on the company's terms when the company decides that is within the profitable range of transactional basis that they can provide for you.
So, no no no no.  Customer Service is about You and I know that. 
Anytime you need anything, let me know.  Ask me questions. I'm here to help.