Eyewear Diaries, The Road Trip

The funniest and goofiest couple takes you behind the scenes on their two day road trip. Watch until the end to see the bloopers and outtakes. We started with the intent of making short clips of occasions where our eyeglasses and sunglasses came in handy, and as we continued our 1st road trip together, we realized we were creating some really funny moments. We, then decided to film our interactions and see what happens.... We filmed for two days and this is what our journey produced. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for watching and thank you for supporting my work with Eyewear Republic, Your Progressive Lens Expert. Video Transcript:
We have traveled about 4 miles. Guess what, honey? What? We've got 599 miles more to go. Honey, honey, wait. We need to go back. Go back. What? We need to turn around and go back. I don't have my sunglasses. I don't have my polarized sunglasses. And I have to drive. There important? Yep. Gotta go back. Sorry. You know what, that's fine. Sorry. You know what, that's fine. We'll go ahead and do that. Ok. Hey, I'm trying to read this can, honey. Um, because I want to see how many carbs (carbohydrates) because I'm doing Keto, but I don't have any Progressive Lenses in these sunglasses. I can't read it. So, you can read it for me. So, yeah yeah that's fine. It has 5 grams of carbs, by the way. That is was really low carb and it was great for Keto. That's good. Awesome! Thanks, honey. You're welcome. This one place called, Buc-ees. Buc-ees. Buc-ees It's a beaver or a chipmunk or something like that. People out here in Texas love Buc-ees. It's a Texas tradition, Buc-ees. Buc-ees. So, we're still in Texas and we're not in Oklahoma yet. I have rhythm. I have lots of rhythm. I have more to spare. I have lots of rhythm. I need some pickles. Ok. Can we go get some pickles. I think Woodies has their own brand of pickles. They private label all their stuff. Pickles over here. Oh, yeah, there some pickles right here. Um..dill pickles, but I can't see the... You have to hold it up so it can be in the frame. But I can't see the salt. I don't have my glasses, my progressive lenses. Could you read this for me? Yeah, what exactly, oh, how much salt how much sodium there is? It has 230 milligrams of sodium. Is that going to be alright? Thanks so much, boy. Is that good for the keto? Yeah. Boy, honey, if you weren't wearing your progressive lenses I don't know what I'd do. Glucose, look honey. I can't see it. I don't have my glasses with my progressive lenses on. Ah ok. 88 miles to Dallas. Ah, thank you honey. 85 miles to Dallas, honey. The last time I checked, we were at 52 miles. Every 10 miles she says, "We're 10 miles closer to Dallas" Every 10 miles. She might as well just say Are We there yet? Are we there Yet? Are we there yet? And we didn't ever go to Buc-ees. We passed it up. Whoa, it is 1:40 (something) in the morning. How are you feeling? It was a long drive. Hahahahaha! He thinks it's so funny. Wait, wait, wait. What did you say? Even though you did all of the driving but a half an hour it was a long drive. A long drive, she says. She helped me with the last 30 minutes. Thank you by the way. It was a long drive for... yeah. What about Wolfie? Oh my God, we totally snuck him into the hotel. hahahaha. Oh my Gosh. I'm stuck with a dog in a backpack. Front desk person, apparently he is not just a front desk person. He does so many different things. We were walking out of the elevator Second Floor, he pops out and there is the manager and I was like, "we're dead". He's like, "your room is straight ahead" and I have the dog in the backpack. I was just knocking at the door waiting for Jairo to open and he wasn't there and I didn't know where he was. Because she is really trying to hide the dog as if the manager didn't see him. Yeah. Dum Di Dum Di Dum And then he says, "Oh, and by the way I didn't see your dog" Awwwww. Yeah, but it was really stressful there for a second. The non-refundable payment. I'm tired. It's late. We're going to sleep. Wolfie is asleep. Hey, thank you for driving and for helping out. I really appreciate that. Yeah. Would you like to just drive until we get to Denton? Yes, I would. Ok. That would really help a lot. You're welcome, honey. I don't want to drive to Dallas because I don't know the freeways and I'm going to get lost so I don't want to do it. It's just straight. We're just going straight. Yeah, but it's going to say take 35, 45, 56, 76. I don't know it, I'm not doing it. Don't worry, honey. You're just gonna, just going straight but I gotcha covered. I gotcha. I can see really well with these glasses, by the way. Thanks for asking. Hey, you're looking... Hey! Hey, you're looking real sexy and beautiful in those glasses, honey. Look at you. Thank you. These are great. We're driving back from Oklahoma and I'm just really tired. We have like 162 miles to go and I'm very just ready to go. I'm pumped, I'm pumped. I've had so much coffee. Holy, jeez louise. I'm tired. I'm at it, I'm determined. We're going to Bam we're going to rock it. Dog is tired. We're all tired. I'm tired. We're almost there. We have to go to Buc-ees. And, that's what we're doing. I'm full of coffee, caffeine. Yeah. How are you feeling, honey? The glasses the Progressive lenses really helped me out on this trip. I use them more than I thought I would. They were very helpful. I rely on them a lot on this trip. I love them. It worked out really well especially for reading and distance. So, these really came in handy when I was looking at the road signs or the map especially at night, on my phone. They were really helpful. I really depend on them a lot. Especially for upclose and stuff. Very helpful. I love my Prgressive Lenses. Look at how beautiful you look in those glasses. We almost did it again (missed the chance to go to Buc-ees). That would have been bad and I wouldn't have turned around for that one. You almost missed it, honey. Again. Again. Yes. Oh my. I get distracted. I can't walk and chew gum at the same time. You know that. No, no, no. We have a dinner date. We have a hot. It's green honey, it's green. Do you see. I have a hot dinner date tonight, I'm excited. Oh my gosh. Honey? What Honey? Ok, so there's only there's only two of us here. What are you trying to say? Uh, we're in the country and we're driving by. There's only two of us here and all I have to say is that it wasn't me. So. Well, we're in the country and we're driving by a lot of cows honey so I don't know what you're talking about. All you have to say is that it was you. It's Ok. It wasn't me, honey. I don't know. Because I just know that there's only two of us here and I didn't do it. You did it. hahahaha, we have to roll these windows down. Is that good for the Keto? Yeah, You wearing your glasses really sure helps out a lot honey. So, look at the camera and speak loud. You wearing your glasses, honey sure helps out a lot. Say progressive lenses. Oh, You wearing your progressive lenses sure helps out a lot. Let me get out of the way over here. As soon as you do that. We have enough on video right now. You're welcome. Boy, honey if you weren't wearing your Progressive Lenses I don't know what I'd do.