Thank you for watching The Eyewear Republic Show where every episode I bring you along the journey of how I help people see better every day.  This journey is shared in a very unique and genuine way.  Today, for example, you're coming along with me in the cockpit on my way to work on 59 flying really low on a helicopter.  Sound pretty exciting? Alright, well first I want to show you the most awesome beautiful sound and sight of what we do every single morning.... a cup of coffee!  Enjoy!

Hey, it's mail time let's get right to it.
Patrick sent this box from Austin.  Let's figure out what he has.  He wants me to make him a set of progressive lenses that are 25 times more accurate than what anyone else can do for him.  It's true.

He has an amazing collection he's been building his wardrobe of eyewear for a very long time.
and his pieces are very classic.  They never go out of style because he likes 3 pieces that I can remake the lens shape to anything he likes. 
And we do often change the shape.  
Oooh, these are nice, are you ready?
Holy crap, look at this. Classic Cartier and I custom made these pieces where you have a platinum finish here (on the temples) and then these are gold T-screws.  Gold screws, gold T-screws, who else does that?
Beautiful piece, Wow!

And for number 2, I really don't know what's going to be in here.  Ooh, Cartier Santos number 2.  You can tell that they are Santos motif because they have the screws and you'll find as the characteristic that it's in all of Santos collections. Whether it be the rings, bracelets, watches, anything.
Completely clear, and these have a fashion tint blue.

On the next segment, we get to see how both clear glasses and polarized sunglasses are made and we also get to meet the person who chose them and bought them.
With her situation, it was unique.  She has had cataract surgery and they put one eye to see far away and one eye to see upclose.  They call that monocular vision.  When they wrote the prescription, they wrote down that the power had to be both the same for both eyes for reading glasses and I knew that wasn't going to work because one eye for upclose and one eye for far away you have to have different powers for each eye.
So I went ahead and made those corrections we took a long time and made sure she was going to be very happy with the final prescription and then I proceeded to cut them.  You get to see the behind the scenes of how they are made and how they came out.

First, I have to check my aim to see if I can get you. Ha, grazed you!
If you've ever wondered what it is that I'm looking at when I'm looking through the lensometer, this is it.  This shows it has zero axis. It's a completely spherical prescription. This makes sure that it is in focus. So this actually checks out wonderfully.  This is why my lenses are 25 times more accurate than what anybody else can make you.
1/100ths of a diopter...Check!

You don't always need to buy new sunglasses. We can actually change the lenses in the and put polarized lenses on your sunglasses.  We're going to remove your lenses then we're going to custom make that lens into the orbital of the shape of your frame. 
And we're going to hold the lens in place with that little block.  First, we do the right (lens) and then we do the left lens.
The lens then begins to get grounded and once it's done it is shaped and we'll put it into your frame.  Always to the right first then I'm going to insert the left lens into your frame and voila! You've got yourself brand new lenses.

Many of you think that work-life balance is the way to go.
Just because everybody else is talking about it.  Work-life balance, to me, when I hear it... is none other than a scale.
Balance, a teeter totter. I'll explain further.

Let's go now to my infographic.  Each column or each bar signifies an hour of my day.  1 to 2 in the morning, 2 to 3 in the morning, and so on.
The blue signifies sleep, the purple signifies family time, red is work, and yellow is everything else (eating, learning, working out, furthering relationships).  People just want to separate and isolate certain actions and certain activities and say this is the blue block of time that I will devote my full attention to sleep, to work, and family time is sprinkled in there in the morning because you have to get the kids ready for school, night time, you've got your own personal time.  
This is too perfect and it doesn't really work out that way.

Because in order to maximize every single activity or action and squeezing out every single ounce of productivity out of an activity you're gonna have to perhaps take a break over here. Between the hours of 10 to 11 at night and 11 to 12 at night.  Because I'm not geographically at work, you might say well I'm not working but not really.  This isn't really a 9 to 5 for me.  Imagine you're working your hobby.  So that right there gets blurred because there is work involved.  And it might spill over into  this over here, too.
So now, it's not really yellow because yes, I'm doing other things a side from work but I work even though I'm not at the store.  

During work hours I might take a quick break from an activity and I'm not just going to do something that is not productive because I might do something else that involves not necessarily directly work related but it's something that I enjoy and it's a skill set which I can then use and repurpose for work.  And it might be scattered, sometimes it might be 10 minutes over here.  Sometimes it's 5 minutes over here.  But also benefits the store.  It's more of a work-life integration, or blending, or mixing that allows me to be really productive and squeeze out the most out of the day or activity.  

I'm really interested, I'm fascinated to know how you guys do it? Because I think work-life balance is a very popular term and then people like saying those terms but they don't necessarily analyze it for what it is.  You might not necessarily get an equal boost out of both on the same time but let's say one doesn't have to be sacrificed at the expense of the other. So tell me what you think, tell me how you run your schedule, I'm fascinated to know.  Thank you