Most Frequently Asked Questions On The Internet Regarding Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Do Polarized Lenses Block Harmful Blue Light?
Yes, our Polarized lenses filter and block out the harmful Blue Light.

Are you In Network with my insurance?
You save much more with us as an Out Of Network provider. You get all of your benefits reimbursed, not the optical. Also, you don't have to pay the Co-pay fees, you don't pay dispensing fees, and many other hidden fees. Save more by going out-of-network with Eyewear Republic. Many of the features that other opticals have as add on options are standard with us. We don't charge you extra for Ultra Violet Protection, Scratch Resistant Treatment, or Anti Reflective Treatment (it as no charge with prescription orders)

Is it better to go In-Network or Out-Of-Network?
It is better to out-of-network when the optical has internet prices and great customer service combined with the expertise to provide you with the highest satisfaction.

Are eyeglasses covered by FSA?
Yes. You can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for eyeglasses

Are eyeglasses covered by medicare?
Yes, but only after cataract surgery by Medicare Part B

What is the difference between an Ophthalmologist, and Optometrist, and an Optician?
An Optometrist refracts (derives at an eyeglass prescription through the subjectiveness of the patient's answers). An Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor that may or may not perform surgeries. An Optician performs eyeglasses measurements and crafts the prescription lenses.

Are eyeglasses deductible?
Yes, if you itemize the deduction on form 104, Schedule A

Are eyeglasses taxed?
Yes and No. It varies from State to State. For example: in Oklahoma, they are taxed unless you have been honorably discharged from the Armed Forces. In Texas, they are not taxed as long as you purchase the prescription lenses and the frame at the same time.

Are eyeglasses and contact prescriptions the same?
No, the contact prescription is compensated because of the difference in vertex distance between the ophthalmic lens and the cornea vs the contact lens and the cornea

Are eyeglasses made of glass?
Glass lenses are still a material that can be used in eyeglasses, although rarely used for prescription eyeglasses. Using glass is more common on ready to wear sunglasses

Are glasses recyclable?
Yes, donate them to the Lion's Club

Are eyeglasses covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)?
Not for for patients aged 20 to 64

Are eyeglasses cheaper in Mexico?
Depends on the day-to-day fluctuations of currency values

Are eyeglasses at Costco a good deal?
Price is what you pay and value is what you receive. Paying less doesn't always save you any money in the long run.

Are eyeglasses a qualified medical expense?
Yes, eyeglasses qualify is a medical expense as an itemized deductible on form 104, Schedule A

Are eyeglasses covered by insurance?
Depends on the coverage you have selected with your insurance plan. Eyeglass coverage in health insurance plans are not worth the money because paying $150 to get back $100 is never a good decision.

Are eyeglasses a prosthetic?
No, eyeglasses are not a prosthetic

Are eyeglasses eligible for Health Savings Accounts (HSA)?
Yes. Eyeglasses are eligible for Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Are eyeglasses unisex?
We are in the gender-neutral era. Each person decides that

Are eyeglasses taxable in California?
Refer to the California State Board of Equalization 225.0000 EYEGLASSES AND OTHER OPHTHALMIC MATERIALS—REGULATION 1592

Are eyeglasses expensive?
Not at Eyewear Republic. Our sole mission is to create value in the eyeglass buying experience

Can eyeglasses be recoated?
No. Time to get new lenses

Can eyeglasses be adjusted?
Yes, by an expert Optician that understands the nuances and requirements of acetate, titanium, stainless steel, nickel based allows. Come see us at Eyewear Republic because other opticals will most likely break your eyeglasses

Can eyeglasses be tinted?
Yes, but the best vision for your sunglasses is achieved with a polarized lens that blocks all light that enters the lens at an oblique angle.

Can eyeglasses have scratches removed?
No. Anyone claiming they can remove scratches on your lenses is selling you a fantasy. Resist any urge to buy any product with the claim to remove scratches.

Can eyeglasses correct astigmatism?
Yes, eyeglasses can correct astigmatism

Can eyeglasses be returned?
No. Each pair of eyeglasses is custom made to each individual client. Eyeglasses cannot be returned

Can eyeglasses be repaired?
Yes, eyeglasses can be repaired

Can eyeglasses cause vertigo?
No, eyeglasses cannot be the cause of vertigo. Vertigo is caused by something else. Eyeglasses can create discomfort for a person that has symptoms of vertigo

Can eyeglasses make you dizzy?
Yes, people that don't adapt well to progressive lenses can experience dizziness

Can eyeglasses correct vision?
Yes, when crafted properly and fitted properly.

Can eyeglasses be claimed on income tax?
Yes, if you itemize the deduction on form 104, Schedule A

Can eyeglasses cause headaches?
Yes, if the patient is a non-adapt to a prescription

Can eyeglasses be cleaned with alcohol?
No. Alcohol is a chemical that can strip and therefore damage the anti-reflective treatment from the lens

Can eyeglasses cause eye bags?
No, eyeglasses are not the cause of eye bags

Do You Ship to an APO/FPO?
APO means Army Post Office and FPO means Fleet Post Office. Yes, we ship to APO and FPO. We ship you the order through USPS (United States Post Office), which in turn gives the package to the military to get it to your destination (Army base, Naval Ship, or anywhere else you may be stationed).

How eyeglasses are made?
The most used lens materials are: Plastic (CR39), Polycarbonate, High Index variations, and now blends of all of these. The material is shaped into a hockey puck like shape. A generator is used to combine the prescription, custom measurements taken by the optician, and the optimization performed by the proprietary software that creates the lens design. The diamond tip of the generator carves the design point by point while the lens is spun at a high speed. This step is performed on the front and back surface of the lens. Usual time it takes is under 60 seconds. The lens then goes to subsequent steps which finely polish the lens and treatments that are applied for added scratch resistance and anti-reflectiveness.

How eyeglasses work?
3 things occur when light strikes an object:
1. light gets reflected
2. light gets absorbed
3. light gets transmitted
The front and back curves custom crafted on the lens creates a focal point of light which is ends up being on the retina. You begin to have blurry vision and therefore need an updated prescription when the light no longer focuses on the retina.

How eyeglasses should fit?
Eyeglasses should fit perfectly balanced using your eyes or eyebrows as a point of reference
The vertex distance of each lens should also be equidistant to your eyes
The pantoscopic or retroscopic tilt should be properly fitted. Usually 8 to 12 degrees of pantoscopic tilt is recommended depending on the elevation of the ears on each person

How eyeglasses work?
When light strikes an object, 3 things happen:
1. light gets reflected
2. light gets absorbed
3. light gets transmitted.
The front and back curves custom crafted on the lens creates a focal point of light which is ends up being on the retina. You begin to have blurry vision and therefore need an updated prescription when the light no longer focuses on the retina.

How Eyeglasses Are Made (Discovery Chanel Season 2 Episode 1)

Eyeglasses how to clean?
Wet lens and clean using liquid dish soap. Rinse and dry carefully with a clean and highly absorbent microfiber cloth

How should eyeglasses fit on nose?
Eyeglasses should fit comfortably and the weight distributed evenly on the nosepads. The nosepads should be angled to match and lay flat on the nose surface. If the frames do not have nosepads, then special attention should be placed while trying the frames on so the elevation is correct and the eyes fit in the desired place on the orbital

What eyeglasses are not owned by Luxottica?
Robert Marc, Lunor, and many others. Luxottica has lost the licensing rights to distribute many brands. The highest profile brand that Luxottica lost is Chanel

What eyeglasses does Oprah wear?
Oprah wears many pairs of eyeglasses. Some eyeglasses she is paid to wear and some are from her personal collection.

Eyeglasses when using computer?
Computer eyeglasses are glasses that have the specific focal length of the distance where the person's computer is from their eyes. The usual distance is arms-length away and the elevation is determined by the height of the monitor screen or the screen on the laptop

Swimming glasses
Swimming glasses have existed for a long time. The new design is a much more affordable modular swimming glasses. The modular design comes with the spherical power desired and is assembled to match the left and right power closest to the prescription. Keep in mind that the water magnifies objects 25% so there must be a reduction of "plus" and compensate for the refraction occurring in the water

When do glasses go on sale?
Glasses go on sale when inventory levels increase and the sale is a mechanism to motivate consumers to purchase more than what they would normally buy if the product was at its full suggested manufacturers retail price

Where eyeglasses are made?
There are factories all around the world. Some countries stand out for their fame in specialization of a specific material. Example: Japan is known for their expert craftsmanship in titanium frames. Italians have been known for their craftsmanship in acetate frames. Chinese manufacturers have historically been known for their competitive pricing

Where to buy eyeglasses near me?
Buy eyeglasses either at 2509 Rice Blvd Houston, TX 77005

Is it illegal to sell counterfeit products on the internet?
Yes, it is illegal to sell counterfeit products on the internet. It is a Federal Offence. (Title 18 Crimes and Criminal Procedure § 2320. Trafficking in counterfeit goods or services)

Do You Sell Authentic Products?
Yes, Eyewear Republic sells 100% Authentic Products.  It is a criminal offence to sell counterfeit goods and/or services.  Punishable under: Title 18 Crimes and Criminal Procedure § 2320. Trafficking in counterfeit goods or services  

How Do I Know If Your Tom Fords Are Real?
It is illegal to sell counterfeit Tom Fords. There are several ways to tell if the Tom Ford frames you bought are real Tom Ford frames, and not fakes.  Tom Ford frames have a small metal plaque on the temple tips of the acetate temples.  Another way to make sure the Tom Fords are real is to get it with one of the Tom Ford protective cases.  All Tom Fords come with cases.  Not all protective cases are the same size or style.  There are some that are a clamshell design and some are soft cases.

Are your Tom Fords Real?

Yes, not only are they Real, they are also authentic!

It is against the law to sell Counterfeit Goods. According to US Code Section 18 Title 2320.

If you want to be more thorough, then there are ways to tell an authentic Tom Ford from a Fake.

On acetate Tom Ford frames, confirm that a small Tom Ford plaque is at both temple tips.

Also, all Tom Ford frames come with an authentic protective case.  Keep in mind, Tom Ford cases are available in different styles and sizes.

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