Martyn Canham shares a moment of introspection. Already past the half-way mark in life, Martyn shares key details that help all of us balance the fears we face and the positivity needed to power through the tough moments. This time capsule provides insights of lessons learned through out his journey. Thank you for watching.

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Transcript of Video:
I wanted to do it at twenty (years old), but you can't because you need to go through these steps. You need to meet the people. You need to go to the places. You need to have the disasters and you need to find the creative solutions through them. A lot of fears, but counter-balanced with a lot of faith. My mantra is that there is always a creative solution, you just have to find it. Hi, my name is Martyn Canham. It's December 31, 2019 New Year's Eve. Tomorrow 2020, which is the dawn of a new decade. The idea here is to create a time capsule of where I am in life, what has come before, where I am, and the next decade, I guess. What's going to happen in the next few years. Looking back at the last decade, it's been very fast for one. 2010, it's when Markus, my 2nd child was born. Seems like yesterday. Coming up to the age now of 59, 60 where I am just at the moment. If I then project that forward for another 10 years, that's going to go very very quickly. So, the idea here is to take stock of what has happened in the past, where I am today, and to use every second to get me where I need to be over the next ten years. A lot of fears but counter-balanced with a lot of faith. I think that juxtaposition is where I'm currently sat. On the fear side is my time in life, it's the market out there, it's political climate. Got to keep fit, got to keep well. My family, boys at the age of 9 and 11, long way to go. All of these are the back drop of my life onto which I'm projecting this image and this vision of who I am as an individual and where I need to be in life. My vision really came from two things, which I just kind of thought about really, which my grandparents. On one side, my grandfather was a businessman. I spent hours as a young boy looking through his books and finding out that you don't have to have a 9 to 5 (job). You can actually carve your own way through, through business. That is what kind of gave me my model of the business world and then as important, my grandmother, who was an artist (an oil painter) who taught me how to paint and told me how to be creative. I've used that in many many instances throughout my life. My mantra is that there is always a creative solution, you just have to find it. Those two things coming together kind of form my model of the world at a very early age and I'm always trying to bring that vision into reality. 2020 tomorrow and moving forward that's kind of where I'll be aiming to bring a vision of the future into the present. So, having this model of the world where I can make my own way. I don't need a 9 to 5 (job), plus I have a creative side that I can almost solve any solution creatively. I use that in my career. The first I guess we can split them into like four areas. The first area was apprenticeship after a two-minute career talk. I went into an apprenticeship which lasted after the apprenticeship a total of about nine years always trying to think of a way out of that situation. The political climate to the time was keeping you down so you were always going to be what you were apprenticing. That was the first period and then managed to break out of that. I went to the U.K. and got into the oil and gas game, went up to Aberdeen and met some business partners some like minded people threw a few ideas around and then decided to say let's give this a go. I think we can make a go of this, which we did. Now, fast forward sixteen years. It gave me a phenomenal opportunity to work in various areas, visit various areas of the world like Africa, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union. I lived in the former Soviet Union for 6 years, met my wife, had two children. Then, came back to North America, so I had a phenomenal I would say a really phenomenal business career and that's used as foundation now to take me from this point in time into the future with a new company. That's some of the foundation stones I would say for where I come from in faith. So, I think this juxtaposition is something that I'm playing just at the moment, which is, the fears, putting the fears to bed, having the faith, always have had the mantra in fact it's tattooed on my chest which is Lead Believe and Create. Lead from the front. Have a big vision. Think about that really focusing in what that vision should be. What it feels like, what it smells like, what it tastes like. What does that big vision look like? So lead from the front. Have the belief that you're going to bring it into part and that's part of the foundation. You can't do it at 19. I wanted to do it at 20, but you can't because you need to go through these steps. You need to meet the people. You need to go to the places. You need to have the disasters. And you need to find the creative solutions through them so Lead, Believe, and then Create. Always be creative. Always be creating every day. Somebody once told me back in when I was 16, when I first started work. "Never waste a second". Always be creative, so that has been my mantra through out my life. So Lead, Believe, Create. That is the faith that I've got from this point on, for the next 10 years and let's see how that pans out. So, my model of the world when I'm trying to find my feet in this big world. In the 1960's in the U.K. in an industrial time. Miner strikes and political unrest it all started around the age of eight, nine, ten, I guess. Matured around about 10 and it came from a place from my grandparents when I think about it. My grandfather was a business man and I spent hours looking through his books, at his handwritten notes. It made me realize that you don't have to have a nine to five. You don't have to be like everybody else. You can find a path through and find your way through in business. That is on one side, then my other half is a creative side which I got from my grandmother who was a oil painter, landscape oil painter and I used to be dropped off at her house and she taught me how to paint, essentially. I went on to be a landscape painter and then a conceptual artist. I did an MFA in Scottland. So, those two things coming together. The upshot is there is always a creative solution. So, this business and creativity all coming together in this model of the world that was formed really in the 1960's is carrying me forward through the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, tens, and now into the 2020's which is a lifetime. That's kind of where the model of the world came from and that is the thing that is really going to project me forward. I do believe it's a solid model. I think it will work at the end of the day. It has worked up to now and it's all about magnitude. So, it's worked up to this level. Can I project it through to the next level over the next ten years? We'll see. Having this experience of kind of structuring a story line on the timeline going right back to the 1960's. So, the 1960's, the 1970's, the 1980's, the 1990's, the hundreds. I mean that's forty years and then what's next, the tens is it? or the zeros, the tens, so it's like. It's decades... That's why this is so important that we kind of taking stock of what we're doing just today and freezing it and saying ok that's all happened in the past. That's great! Good and bad, it is what it is. But, here we are today. What a great opportunity to look at that, understand it, and then say what do we need to do for the future. What do we need to change, if anything? Or, if we keep doing what we're doing we're going to get the next ten years of which there aren't many decades left in a lifetime. So, be happy with that or change it up now and see what we can do over the next 10 years. I've always been up one for throwing the dice, taking the risks, changing it up a little bit. So knowing that we're past the halfway mark. Oh yeah, well past. And knowing that you're in such great health that you have so many more amazing years ahead, Yeah You just have to continue going so that whenever the end is, we have no regrets. Yes. And no regrets are found, or living a life with no regrets in the end is about maximizing your life today at the micro level. Very true. Discipline. So the discipline, the self-discipline, the things that you don't want to do flip and they become lessons when you a little bit older. I think the worst case scenario when I'd hate to get to the end of my life knowing what I can do. I know, I've always known since the age of when I put this model of the world together I know it's going to work, I know it can work but I'd hate to get to the end knowing that there is still you know kind of money, or good times, or relationships, or good times on the table. I don't want to do that. So, that's why this is so important to do today to say Ok, that's the journey. Here we are today. What do we need to do now for the next ten years? Because the next ten years I'm staring 70 in the face and then it becomes the law of diminishing returns. I think it's been a very worthwhile exercise. I feel elated and pleased. I didn't plan this journey but having the opportunity to speak about it. It's really really helped. Yeah, really helped. And what are some actionable detailed things that you feel you're doing today that are going to get you closer to being happy with your journey about the person your becoming along your journey . It's not about the person you are at the beginning of your journey. It's about the adaptation that happens and the person we become along this journey. Yep. Two things there: Enjoy the journe because I enjoy the journey everyday. So, I know I'm not going to get to the ultimate pinnacle of where ever I need to be so having recognized that, enjoy every day. Like last night, like me and my wife went into the bathroom and just laughed because I was there with a total lights out, two candles burning, bubble bath, I had hurt my back in the day, and I was just enjoying that moment. So, every second, don't waste a second. Have that environment, have that experience. Try to bring that richness into your life everyday. So that's one thing, and then I think the other one would be suppress the fear. There is always that internal dialogue, always. It never goes away. Keeps us alive. But, suppress that and just have that great self esteem and self confidence that you wouldn't have gotten this far if you can't go the rest of the journey. So, we can do it. We just have to keep on doing what we're doing. And then, the market or life or God or the Universe will catch up and give us a break. And I think probably has done all the way along. All over the decades. We just have to sit back and recognize it. And I think Martyn's faith comes from the ability to know that deep down inside that no matter what it's all his experiences and the wealth accumulated through intellectual capital through out the years, the wisdom that will always that the market will always find very valuable regardless of what specific skill sets that he might be experimenting with or learning about or even deploying. I think that's definitely Persistence. Failure, failure many many failures. But learning from those and being persistent. Showing up everyday. So, that formula will pull us through, yeah. Exciting times!