We had a really nice customer come in. She had surgery (cataract surgery) about a month ago and she was wondering if after I filled her prescription for her left eye (her eyeglass prescription) if the cloudiness or maybe even the haziness that she was seeing and the glare would go away after I did her prescription.

And so my theory is that no, they aren't going to go away.  

There's two different situations going on there.

It's the equivalent of being able to see really well through a window a glass window or seeing through a glass window that actually has some oils or some dirt on it.  You actually have to wipe away and clean the window before you can actually see really well out of it. So, what I can guarantee is the best possible vision that she can possibly see or have with the prescription that the Doctor gave her.  Now, that could be that her best possible vision is 20/20 or maybe it's possible see 20/30 or 20/40.

So the best possible vision, that is definitely what I can provide her with.  

What I cannot help her with is something that may or may not have been caused by the new implant which is the cloudiness or the glare that she is seeing on objects (which is very common after surgeries).

So that was a great observation and a great experience that we had today on differentiating and really having realistic expectations

after having something done (after having a procedure).

Talk to your Doctor about what to expect before having some of these procedures and that way that will help with coping and how to live with some of those things.

Alright, this is IGTV - Eyewear Republic in Rice Village.

See you soon