Free Lenses for Following (or Messaging) Our Google Listing on Google Maps

Transcript of Video:
Important Update: it's going to be the free lenses. Free! Free! Free! You go to Google Maps, type in Eyewear Republic and click on the Google Business Listing for Eyewear Republic in Google Maps and you're going to be able - Oh, by the way you have to this with your phone only - that way you hit "Follow" and when you hit 'Follow" you're going to get the special offer that is good for within two weeks of "Following". 
Free Single Vision Prescription Lenses is going to be FREE! FREE! FREE! within a power range which incorporates 85% of all prescriptions that are written.
The Free Lenses are going to have free Anti-Reflective Treatment.  They're going to have Free Ultra-Violet Protection.  They're going to have Scratch Resistant Coating, the absolute absolute most complete and best lenses for absolutely FREE! FREE! FREE!
It's a great exchange.  You follow Eyewear Republic in Google My Business located in Google Maps and You get Free Lenses. That's Awesome!
So hit follow and get free lenses.  What you're wondering is: What is the catch?
There is no catch! I encourage you to use to use your own frames.  I know most of you don't live in Houston, Texas but that's ok.  You can mail me your frame and please include enough postage for return shipping.  I'm paying for the lenses you get to pay for the postage back.
I also want to go over with great detail which frames I will cut for absolutely free and which I will do for Almost Free.
The frames that are made out of wood and they have a rim all the way around the lens, Yes! those are free.  
Frames that are metal and have metal all the way around the orbital of the lens, also cut at No Charge.
Acetate frames (plastic) that have the rim covering all the way around the lens, Free! Free! Free!
Frames that I must perforate in order to stabilize and hold the lenses in place, Almost, Almost, Almost Free!
Frames like the Mykita, OVVO, IC Berlin, RoundTen that have a flat metal of which I will have to groove to a depth of 8 tenths of a millimeter, Almost Free!
Frames that are partially covered by either metal or acetate and the bottom has a nylon cord that holds in place, Almost Free!
The Almost Free is $35 dollars which helps cover the extra cost of the extra time involved in edging the lenses.  I hope you appreciate that.
Nonetheless, it's a great exchange.  I want to increase the number of followers that I have on Eyewear Republic's Google My Business Listing on Google Maps and would love the opportunity to provide you in return a value of over $200+ dollars.
These lenses, they have non-reflective treatment, UV protection, scratch resistant treatment and over $200 dollars worth of value.
So FOLLOW me on Google My Business.  See You Soon!