Gas Mask Filter NBC-77 SOF CBRN
Gas Mask Filter NBC-77 SOF CBRN

Gas Mask Filter NBC-77 SOF CBRN

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  • Gas Mask Filter NBC-77 SOF CBRN
  • 20-year shelf life
  • Military-spec filtration technology deployed by NATO troops across the world
  • 40mm 1/7” NATO threading that's compatible with a wide variety of respirators
  • Protects from a wide range of harmful and highly toxic substances, including CBRN agents
  • Designed for First Responder use against Chemical/Biological/Nuclear Particulates
  • Effective against Biological and Chemical Warefare Agents. 
  • Standard 40mm threaded type, fits all 40mm NATO spec. gas masks (NATO/EN 148-1.40mm)
  • HE High efficiency particulate filter for APR (Air Purifying Respirator)
  • HEPA - P100 (99.97% filter efficiency level) effective against all particulate aerosols.
The filter canister in connection with suitable respirator or PAPR provides protection against solid and liquid particles, pepper spray (OC), smokeproducing substances, radioactive particles, bacteria and rickettsia, fungi, toxins, viruses, Riot Control agents (Lachrymators, Sternutators, Vomiting agents), Blister agents (Vesicants), Chocking agents, Blood agents, Nerve agents, Incapacitants, Herbicides, Pesticides and TIC, such as bromoacetone, CS, CR, CN, CNC, CNS, CA substances, organic compounds of arsenic – diphenyldichlorarsine – CLARK I (DA), diphenylcyanoarsine – CLARK II (DC), adamsite (DM), diphenyldichlorarsine (DA), ethyldichlorarsine (ED), methyldichlorarsine (MD), mustard gas (H), sulphur mustard gas (HD), T-mustard gas, Q-mustard gas, nitrogen mustard gases (HN1, HN2, HN3), lewisite (L), mixed mustard gas (H-L), phosgene oxime (CX), phosgene (CG), diphosgene(DP), chloropicrin (PS), hydrogen cyanide (AC), cyanogen chloride (CK), arsine (SA), G-agents: sarin (GB), cyclosarin (GF), soman (GD), tabun (GA), IVA (GV), V-agents: VX, VR, VE, VG (amiton), VM and toxic industrial chemicals such as: fumes of organic or inorganic acids, hydroxides, organic solvents with the boiling point above 65 °C, ammonia, amines, inorganic and acid gases, agricultural chemical combustion gases, other toxic substances, e.g. benzene, toluene, vinyl chloride, fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, sulphur oxides, chloracetic acid, aldehydes, mixtures of inorganic acids, and organic substances, mercury vapours, radioactive iodine, organic compounds of iodine (Iodomethane, 129, 131), radioactive particles, etc.

Testing Gas
Concentration of testing gas
Breakthrough time in minutes EN requirement
DAC in grams NBC – 77 SOF
Hydrogen SulphideH2S50007.140>80>17,400
Hydrogen CyanideHCN50005.625508,400
E2Sulfur dioxideSO2500013.320259,975
HgMercuryHg——13 mg/m³100 hours>170 hours>3900
SXCyanogen chlorideCICN25006.2820254,710
REACTORMethyloidide131CH3I2 hours>2 hours


dimensions w x h110 x 85 mm
weight 335 g

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