How Long Does It Take for Transitions Lenses to get Dark?
How Long Does It Take for Transitions Lenses to get Clear?
It takes 45 seconds for Transitions Lenses to get dark.
It takes 8 minutes for Transitions Lenses to get completely clear.

How long does it take for Transitions lenses to fully activate with direct exposure to light.  We found that out today.
Also, we're going to compare between two different batches of lenses to test the consistency and the quality of the Transitions lenses.  Let's have some fun!

The two pair of lenses that we're comparing today are both progressive lenses. They have non glare treatment and allow all of the light to be transmitted through the lens to be able to really capture it.

The first one, it's this.  And the second one, right here.  I'm in the shade so they don't fully activate yet.  These are the ones we're going to compare today.

We're going to see how long it takes for them to activate with the stopwatch feature.  We're going to also take the time to measure how long it takes for the lenses to go from fully activated to fully clear mode, with the tablet.

The test starts right now. I've already hit start and they've started getting dark.  Historically it's been around 45 seconds and right now we're at about 14, 15 seconds.  They're getting pretty dark pretty quickly.  Thirty seconds... So now we're at 45 seconds and we're going to go ahead and call it. 

They didn't get sunglasses dark, as you would probably thinking about if you have not seen any of my previous videos.

This right here is about as dark as it's going to get when it's a very very hot day.
Transitions lenses, they do not get sunglasses dark, not in very hot temperatures because their is an inverse relationship between how dark they get and the temperature outside.  Meaning that the hotter the day, the less they're going to activate.  The colder the day, 40 degrees fahrenheit or anything like that the darker they're going to get.

That is just an inherent, I don't want to say flaw, it's part of the way they designed the technology in a way to make everybody happy around the world.

So this is, right here, how dark they got and we've already been inside for a couple of minutes so they started to get light.

Ok, I just got back inside.  I'm starting right now so we can learn how many seconds or how many minutes it takes for the lenses to go from fully activated to then the Transitions lenses to become completely completely clear.

We are at 17 seconds. And they we are.  Historically, they've (the transitions progressive lenses) taken about 10 minutes to get completely clear and I know that is really annoying and people don't want to hear that, but it's the truth.  Ten to fifteen minutes.  We are going to put that issue to rest by finding out exactly how many minutes it takes across to different lens batches of Transitions lenses.

One minute progress.  Three minute update.  Not bad, look at that.
Five minute update.  It's seems almost as if its stuck. It's getting there at a turtle's pace, but still getting clearer.

This is going to be the eight minute update and even though they are not completely completely clear, I would say that some people might find this to be satisfactorily light.  So now it's going to be Your opinion, you get to decide.  Some people will say eight minutes because it's good enough to wear indoors.  If you want to get technical and go further we can, but I'm going to start saying, no longer 10 minutes.  I'm going to start saying around 8 to 10 minutes.

We've now hit 10 minutes and I think this is as clear as it's going to get. I'm going to say 8 minutes.  I'm going to stick with eight and from now on I'm going to start saying it takes 8 minutes for them to clear up.  I'm going to call it today at 8 minutes.  They don't seem like they are getting any clearer than this.