This video is exclusively for opticians that want to learn how to assemble, disassemble, and groove their customer's prescription lenses onto RoundTen eyeglasses. 
Let's begin!
The three parts are:
1. the front of the frame
2. the clips (one for each side for a total of 2)
3. and the temple pieces.

How to Assemble RoundTen Eyeglasses:
The top and bottom hooks are very important because, when combined with the clips, provide stability to the eyeglasses temples when worn.  It a pivotal element to the design that Ivan and Marcelo built in to the hinge system when they launched the collection in 2016.
Grab the clip and insert onto the front of the frame which will hold the lens in place and connect the front to the temple.
Then, slide the temple piece (front inside to outside) and then put the hooks through the back and hook onto the frame. 
Once the hooks are in place, the frame is secure and stable. 
Repeat on the other side.  

How to Disassemble RoundTen Eyeglasses:
Unhook the hooks (one at a time, if need be) and slide the temple out.  You might have to slightly bend the hooks towards each other depending on how much you bent them out of place.  With practice, you will not need to bend them back to their original tension.
Repeat on the other temple.

How to Groove RoundTen Eyeglasses:
The groove depth is 0.8 millimeters.
The groove width is 0.7 millimeters.
Place the groove in the middle of the lens, unless the lens is very thick and then would actually put it at 33% towards the front of the lens edge. 
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