How to Avoid Bottled Water Shortages

Regardless of how you feel about the coronavirus worldwide outbreak, you have been greatly affected by it. It sometimes feel as it's not real because our only experience with pandemics have been through movies or television shows.  We quickly snap to reality when we see the aisles at the grocery stores are completely empty.  It's unbelievable.  We are known the world over for our abundance, and in just a matter of weeks our reality immerses us in the worst food and water shortage in one hundred years.  For two weeks straight, Sam's Wholesale was out of bottled water.  We went on Saturday morning and they had finally restocked.  The bad news: two pack limit per family.  The line wrapped around the store.  It took three hours to get inside.  Once inside, everyone remained calm and respectful, which not everyone in the country was fortunate to experience.  

While waiting in line, I struck up a conversation with the nice people in front of me as well as behind me.  One person dismissed the entire situation and proposed that all of our water needs could be met by either drinking faucet water or boiling it if you felt the extra step was necessary.  I responded, "you're right, but the reality is a different story".  The length of time it takes to boil the water, plus the energy to boil it makes the process a very unproductive action.  Especially when I drink a gallon a day and also use water to cook.  I would be able to maintain the boiling regimen for around three to four days, but realistically it's unsustainable.  I drank faucet water one day last week because I forgot to take a 24 pack of bottled water to work.  The faucet water gave me a headache and an upset my stomach.  No, thank you; not doing that again.

I took control and decided to take action.  My ultimate goal was to eventually become more independent and less reliant on the bottled water from the grocery stores and convenient stores.  I researched different water filtration systems.  I wasn't satisfied with the options I found at the big box stores like Home Depot.  Their solutions were permanent and didn't allow me the option for mobility.  Other options required electricity in order to function.  I wanted a complete solution that didn't require electricity and it that I could take it to other places, just in case.  Eventually, I came across the Big Berkey and the Royal Berkey.  I was sold as soon as I read that I could put any source of water into the stainless steel container and the special filters would have the water come out pure.  Then, my imagination ran wild for a minute.... Wait a minute. Any kind of water? What about bayou water? Yes. What about dirty water? Yes.  Ok, I'll stop there because I researched the worst case imaginable and the filters passed easily.  The test that most people are satisfied with is the Red Dye Color test.   Most water filtration systems fail it, while the Big Berkey filters pass with flying colors.  Needless to say, I'm hooked.

We have been forever changed by this coronavirus experience and we will never be the same.  We cannot be complacent anymore about our food and water supply.  A new normal has been defined and being more prepared is vital on an everyday basis.  The coronavirus outbreak has taught me that there is now a worldwide acceptance of a much higher level of preparedness than ever before.  We cannot trust that the grocery stores will always have everything we want and need at any time of the day or night.  Many of our current inconveniences and even hardships can be avoided by becoming less dependent on the JIT (just in time) supply chain model.  Grocery stores rely on being re-stocked nightly and any interruption to this daily re-stocking can create problems on food availability.  There is an increased demand for food and water due to this emergency and panic buying by the masses leads to immediate shortages.  I suggest we make it the new normal to carry more medium to long term food and each of us to have a Berkey Water Filter in our homes ready so our families are spared any inconveniences.

Thank you for reading.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I'm here to help.