Glasses are now being worn by everyone wanting to put an exclamation mark to their outfit.  Glasses are the essential accessory that completes your outfit.  Modeling the right pair of glasses first begins with identifying our face shape, so let's take this step by step. 

Step 1. Identify Your Face Shape
There are many face shape variations, but generally we have four categories that we narrow down to, so match your face shape to the category that is closest to your face features. 
Square Shaped,
Round Shaped,
Oval Shaped, and
Heart Shaped (sometimes referred to as Diamond because it resembles the side view of a diamond placed on a ring).

The secret to identifying our face shape is to first determine where the widest part of our face actually is.
-Square Shaped Faces uniquely share this "widest point of the face" trait throughout the forehead, cheeks, and chin.
-Round Shaped Faces have the widest point of their face on the cheeks and the forehead and chin area is rounded.
-Oval Shaped Faces have the widest point of their face on the cheeks and forehead and chin area narrows or tapers in.
-Heart Shaped Faces have the widest point of their face on the forehead with their cheeks also being wide and then narrowing or tapering in at the chin.

Step 2: Identify the Glasses Frames as Potential Choices

a. Square Shaped Faces and squared jaws are softened and lengthened by soft and rounded frame shapes. Rounded corners (on square-ish frames) also help reduce the sharp angles to square shaped face.

b. Round Shaped Faces should look at frames that are wider (width from temple to temple) than they are deeper (height of lens orbital). I refer to this as the Width to Height Ratio. Visualizing this description...wider than than it is deeper is a rectangle shaped frame. So, Round Shaped Faces should wear Rectangle Shaped Frames because it creates the illusion of elongating the face. Not every rectangle frame is created equal.  Some rectangle frames have harder corners or are more geometric and strong.  With a round shaped face, please choose these frames. Sharper corners on frames are definitely your friend!   Round shaped faces should always stay away from round frames and rounded cornered frames (I refer to rounded corners as soft corners).  

c. Oval Shaped Faces are blessed with the ability to look great in any shape of frames.  While, every shape looks great; make sure you are styled with the right size of frame.  The number one mistake is to get a frame that is either too small or too big for your face.  You've got it the easiest, don't ruin it!

d. Heart Shaped Faces have it the second easiest in picking glasses shapes.  The number one shape for heart shaped faces is the wayfarer. The top part of the frame is rectangular, but the bottom half is rounded.  The classic wayfarer shape can come in acetate, metal, or a combination of both by being acetate on the top part and metal on the bottom.  Besides the wayfarer, your heart-shaped face looks amazing with any frame shape.

The secret to matching face shape with eyeglasses is one word: Contrast

Step 3: Proportion/Size 
Adding more detail to specific characteristics/nuances of frame shapes/face shapes
With proportions, we are now putting the magnifying glass over how the glasses fit.  We want to guide you towards glasses that fit and look balanced.  
Where the eyes are on the frames are also important depending on the design of the frames.  Some styles are designed so the eyes are centered on the frame while other styles are designed so the eyes are on the top one-third of the lens (leaving two-thirds of the frame below the eye level).

Step 4: Variety
Just like you wouldn't wear flip flops to a formal event, or run a marathon in high-heels, you can't reasonably expect to have one pair of glasses for every occasion or activity.  Build your wardrobe of eyewear over time and enjoy the process. 

Bonus Tip:  The amount you spend on frames is never a good predictor of how happy you will be with the glasses.  The best predictor of how happy you will be is how well and comfortable the glasses are.  

Eyeglasses are a great way to add dimension, character, and detail to your personality!  Express yourself through the eyewear you choose!