A very intelligent person asked me a great question today: "How can you succeed where there are many opticals in your vicinity, how will you do it?"
My answer, "I will outwork my competitors. My competitors have become complacent and entitled. They stopped providing value to the public years ago. Most only go to work a few times a week and don't want to be bothered with problems.  Providing value is the only reason to exist. I define value as giving way more than what people pay for - (providing higher quality, information, guidance, passion, a helping hand within my ability to provide).  My competitors have been blessed and I'm happy for them. Times have changed and they don't see it."

Consumers are more informed than ever and they feel the difference between the person that is truly trying to help them and the person that is trying just to sell products.  My philosophy is to help, first and foremost.  If someone else can help better than me, then I will refer you to that person.  The customer's trust in our ability to help them solve their vision problems with either advice, services, or products is treasured and will not be compromised for short term gain.