Makeover and Testimonial from Jashiah at Eyewear Republic located in Rice Village

Hey everybody, meet Jashiah.  She just got these glasses.  Look at this and we fit them on there perfectly
so it fits her really well.  She is wearing her contact lenses but she
did take them out so that she could make sure that her vision was really well.
So, what do you think?  I love them! and they fit perfectly, and I
can see.  They are so much better than my last glasses.  I'm so happy.
Hey, well hopefully whenever she comes back
later, because she was in a hurry this morning,
hopefully she can bring her glasses that she
was wearing before and then we can do like
a before and after side shot of the makeover.  I've been wearing these glasses since 2012
and they are like crooked, they're floppy These keep breaking off and I've updated to
these and they fit perfectly.  They don't flop and I can finally see.  I'm not blind anymore.