Mobile Optician Services

Transcript of Video:
Unrivaled customer service and my commitment is unyielding.
It's raining cats and dogs, but guess what?
My Mobile Optician Services will go to your location regardless of the weather.  This is how dedicated Eyewear Republic is.  Really!  We get it done when nobody else will.

In the rain.  In the snow.  We are here to help you, really!
This is called dedication.  We live it, we don't just say it.
When you need help with your eyeglasses, there is only one place to call.  Seriously, Eyewear Republic.

Alright, I've picked up the glasses, now I can go ahead and start working on them and this is called Mobile Optical Services which I am completely commited to bringing you legendary customer service.  Better than anybody else has done or will do.  See you soon!