Hospitals are running out of Personal Protective Equipment. The hospital's PPE inventory is so low, it is to the point where they are re-using the N95 masks.
The N95 masks are reprocessed by sterilization with Hydrogen Peroxide. Some hospital first responders have decided to not use the masks because the N95 masks were manufactured to be disposable after one use.
There is a great debate on how safe this practice is, so nurses like Donnell have decided to purchase gas masks and gas mask filter cans to guarantee the highest degree of protection against the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic.
Independent thinking and problem solving will pay off in the long run for Donnell and others like him because safety is paramount during these unusual times. The gas masks are proven to work and are more economical than the true cost of reusing the N95 masks.
Hospitals across the United States should protect the Nurses and Doctors by providing them a proven solution.
In this interview, we hear directly from Donnell in Georgia. He is a Nurse in the front lines of the fight against the Coronavirus in Georgia. Listen as he tells his side of the story. Donnell was an early adopter of wearing N95 masks when the hospital demanded that he stop wearing it because it was scaring people.