Pantoscopic Tilt, Vertex Distance, and Curvature of Frame

Transcript of Video:
At Eyewear Republic, you're going to have special and very unique measurements that I take in order to make sure that you are very very very happy with the accuracy of your eyeglasses

One of them is going to be the Vertex Distance, which i is the distance from the lens to your cornea measured in 1/10th of a millmeter in accuracy. 
Think about this, this is one millimeter, divide that by 10.  That is going to be 1/10th of a millimeter. 
Another measurement is: Pantoscopic Tilt.  Not everybody's ears are at the same height. Some people's ears are a little higher, some people's are a little lower and we have to factor that in and this angle right here...
That is the Pantoscopic Tilt.
Another measurement is going to be wrap or the cuvature of the frame.  Some frames are flatter, some frames are more curved and that has to also be factured into the equation in order to get you the most perfect lenses