Replacing Ray Ban Lenses

Jose scratched the lenses on his favorite Ray Ban Sunglasses and no other optical could help him.  All of the other opticals were telling him that he had to buy new sunglasses.  He heard that I was a lens expert and he came in not knowing how long it would take. 

He was overjoyed when I told him I would do the entire job in under an hour.  Keep in mind, this pair of Ray Bans had drilled lenses with an 8 Base Curve.

I drilled them by hand (even though I could easily let my equipment do it) because I love what I do!

Thank you for watching and please let me know how I may help you.

I have Mobile Optician Services, as well.  Where we go to you to make things even easier for you.
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Transcription of Video:

This is Jose! He came in with these sunglasses (Ray Ban).  They were scratched and you couldn't see anything out of them.  So, look at this: In one hour, how long... 
an hour?
Yeah, Yeah, I think I think less than an hour.
Less than hour! I drilled them by hand, edged them, mounted them. 
What do you think, Jose?
Let's see...
They look like new
Better than brand new look at that
WOW!!! Good, very good job.
Polarized, that's the only way to do it.