Hey Everybody, 
this is a review on a new style from RoundTen and this is their other generation of RoundTen frames and I like the direction that they are going in.
This is the RoundTen Keukenhof.  I hope I've pronounced that properly.  Keukenhof, yes.  
It's PVD coated Stainless Steel just like the rest. It's as flexible as always but their other generation has a different, has a similar traditional style skull temple.  And this is what's unique and you have choices. The stainless steel and that's it.  The regular frame.  This is the new availability that they have and that is to add an acetate rim inside between the frame and the lens.
And that is where it changes things, now you can actually change colors. You can have different accents.  This one for example is a tortoise, and then you have a different variation and this is more of an olive or a greenish.
Now, the chassis is still the same.  It's the black frame, matte black but what changes is you have the ability to be unique with it is the acetate insert.  Really neat, I like the direction.  These also come in more unique boxes and cases.  The other cases are ok, but this is actually cool.  
And now you have a gift box.  This has the name.  Inside, contained is....magnetic hard case. Really strong.  Oh, hey, something else that is neat.  Folds flat.  Great for pocket, suitcases, back pockets...guaranteed to lose it there, though.
So that is it.  Updates on the new things that RoundTen is doing.  I'm not sure if all of their frames in the future will be like this, but we can count on Ivan and Marcelo to always be innovative.  Ok.  Trying new things and improving.  Doing great.  And I hope you guys have a great day and if you've never tried RoundTen, try some on.  It's available here at Eyewear Republic in Houston and they're new to the States (United States), so little by little they'll probably expand the collection to different territories and hey any questions ask me, call me, text me, comment below.
See you soon.