RoundTen Barver Sunglasses Review

Link to video showing me hitting them with a hammer:

Feature: No Screws
ADVANTAGE: Don't get loose
Feature: No Solder Point
ADVANTAGE: No Weak points + Unbreakable
Feature: Patented Flextal Metal
ADVANTAGE: Extremely Lightweight (8 grams)

Transcript of Video:

The time of walking into an optical or sunglasses store and noticing that all the inventory looks exactly the same? Those days are over, and the RoundTen Barver is changing that today. 
Marcelo and Ivan came up with RoundTen back in 2016 and they first launched their collection with a sunglasses collection.  After that, a year later they were really successful and they launched the clear ophthalmic collection.  
Let's talk about the RoundTen Barver.  At first, what attracted me to it was the actually the shape.  The unique style that has the keyhole bridge and it almost looks like the classic traditional style that was inspired from the 1920's and 1930's.  The RoundTen Barver is done in a flat metal style. 
You pick up the frame and look at it really close and you start beginning to appreciate the laser engraved temples and the laser engraved front.  Then you realize how lightweight it is and it only weights about 8 to 10 grams, depending on the style.
The RoundTen Barver is made from PVD coated Stainless Steel and that stainless steel is sourced from either Japan or Sweden and Flextal is actually the patented technology that is owned by RoundTen.
The RoundTen Barver is available in multiple colors:
Shiny Gold (laser engraved also), Matte Black (with either blue lenses or gradient gray), Shiny Brown (with Gold Mirrored Lenses), I don't know what to call this color so I'm just going to say it's a light antique gold, and if you wanted to save a couple of bucks you're going to go with a Matte Black with a non polarized gradient gray lens.
This is actually a color I had never seen before.  It's a little bit on the boring side because it's invisible.  This is one of my favorites and this is another one of my favorites.
We are proud to say that Eyewear Republic is one of the first Opticals in the country (United States) to even carry the RoundTen Collection, so check out all our inventory and the link is below.
The most bad ass part about the high quality grade RoundTen Barver sunglasses is going to be the lenses.  They're made out of a Polyamide Nylon and it has an amazing clarity and you can actually measure it by the ABBE Value that it has. 
Glass has an ABBE Value of 58.  Polycarbonate has an ABBE Value of 30.  The RoundTen Barver Polyamide lenses have an ABBE Value of 52.  The lenses are three times stronger (in the form of tensil strength) three times stronger than Trivex.  You can drill it.  You can groove it.  You can anything you'd like to it.  These glasses are completely unbreakable (but they can scratch).  The reason I say that is because they don't have any screws and they don't have any soldering points.
The hinges themselves are made out of a special technology, special design that both Ivan and Marcelo came up with even back before 2016.
I've made a special video which I've linked below or maybe right up here, on how to assemble and disassemble and even groove the lenses. 
Each and every one of the RoundTen Barver is going to have a non slip surgical grade material that is right there on the temple tips and also on the nose pads.  You can also get the nose pads in different colors.  I know that when I received my collection, you get the frames exactly as they come but you also get the little temple parts and nose pads.  They come in Red.  They come in Blue.  They come in Clear.  They come in Brown.  Depending on what the customer wants, that is what they're going to get.
Each and every one of these lenses is going to have a Non Glare Treatment on the backside.  Which is going to help with backside reflections.  It will prevent from having to look at your own eye in the reflection because that is what happens in different lighting conditions.
Tell me what you think about the RoundTen Barver.  I, personally think, that they are freaking bad ass sunglasses.