Hello Everybody and Happy Tuesday,

I wanted to give you an update on a product I introduced last week which was the Rudy Project Rydon.  This was the Rydon. Amazing for sports, outdoor activities, cycling, jogging, running, anything. 

These are all titanium.  So, the update is this. 1st of all, I wanted to update you on how flexible these are.  They are fully adjustable and they're going to resemble one of two designs. You can have the flat or what they call the paddle temple design on the adjustments where they just apply pressure in case you're wearing a helmet or ear pieces, anything. It's going to work very well.  

You could also curve these like a skull design.  A skull temple design, it goes all the way in, that way if you are not wearing a helmet and you want it to fit the more traditional route, you can. 

It is fully adjustable.  They are lightweight, amazing, fine, so you know that.  

What I didn't talk about last week was how fully adjustable the nose pieces were also.  

The reason I'm making this video is because I had phone calls and texts from people that have prescriptions and one customer in particular, I believe it was Friday or Saturday when he came by.  He wanted to get them, but he needs a prescription on them. So, I'm here to talk about what he is getting which is this. This is a titanium Rx insert that gets applied , again these are Charles', this goes into the piece right here. It is a pressure mount.  So it goes right here. Pressure mount right behind the nose piece. Right there. 

So, even though the actual sunglasses have a very steep  lenses that traditionally prescriptions don't go well because there is a lot aberration, a lot of prism, and people just feel very weird with it.  Back in the 90's with Oakley, we experienced a lot this and we learned that you have to match the base curve to the prescription and there are certain ranges.  Not everybody can have a curve like this with their prescription. So that is why this idea is awesome. We end up putting your prescription on this in either a single vision platform or (this is actually the one that I wear when I'm outdoors, ok) or we can go a little bigger and we can put a progressive lens on it.  

This (metal Rx Insert) is bigger for progressive lenses.  This (metal Rx Insert) is smaller for single visions (lenses).

And for my adjustment, this is my frame, I like a combination of both the skull and the paddle temple.  You see how it goes inwards, right. So it’s a combination, a hybrid.

That is the update I wanted to give you.  The lens material is made out of a very strong polycarbonate base, which is what they use in bulletproof materials, but in thicker ideas: you’re going to have bulletproof windows, bank teller transparent material that is in front of there.  They’ll use polycarbonate except much much thicker. So, this is the material. It is very impact resistant, not bulletproof because it is not thicker but it is very impact resistant. It’s going to protect your eyes and then when you combine it with this in case you wear a prescription, it’s going to be even more impact resistant.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and the update on the Rudy Project Rydon frame.  Very, very useful. Available in different colors. And if you have any question, please call, text 281-236-7625. Comment below or email me at [email protected]  We are in Houston, TX in Rice Village and I’m here to help you.