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Transcript:   Martyn is absolutely super pumped with Eyewear Republic's digital progressive lenses. 
Our technology is 25 times more accurate than anyone else's. 
Martyn got two pair of eyeglasses this week and they are the best eyeglasses he has ever had all of his life. 
Martyn is an authority in glasses because he has worn them for 50 years and these progressive lenses give him the best vision he has ever had. 
The peripheral vision is like he is an owl. He can see this way (pointing right). Martyn can see that way (pointing left). 
He can see up and he can see down. He can see long distance and he can see near up. 
They are absolutely fantastic and they even make him look good so Martyn is really really happy. 
Thank you so much.


  Guided Tour of Eyewear Republic

Welcome to Eyewear Republic
Welcome to Eyewear Republic

Think of us as your eyewear stylist. 
Eyewear Republic 2509 Rice Blvd Houston Tx 77005

We'll help you build your wardrobe of eyeglasses and encourage you to have fun with each selection. 
Eyewear Republic 281-236-7625

Visit our Rice Village location, we'd love to give you a tour. We have styles, colors, and shapes that are exclusive to our store. See you soon!
Eyewear Republic info@eyewearrepublic.com

Our shopping experience blends the convenience of the internet with the traditional optical shop
Eyewear Republic
Convenience, Great Pricing, Expertise, 24 hours a day
Eyewear Republic Home of Low Prices

We believe that our employees and our management are the competitive advantage. 

Eyeglasses and Progressive lenses are an important part of your life and we'll help you navigate the world of eyewear.

Providing Customers Value is the only reason for any company to exist

Houston's Best Optician Now Serving Rice Village and The Surrounding Area of Houston
Eyewear Republic Optician Rice Village Houston Texas

We have two specialties:
1. Crafting Lenses - our lenses are 25 times more accurate than other opticals. Digital/Free-Form 
technology allows for pin-point lens manufacturing and exactness
2. Help You Build Your Wardrobe of Eyewear - the number of eyeglasses/sunglasses you should have depends on 3 things:
  A.  Activities: if you read or view the computer for more than 4 hours a day, then you need a dedicated pair of glasses for that task.   B.  Occasions: You wouldn't do Cross-Fit in high heels and wouldn't go to a formal event in flip-flops.  Same goes for eyeglasses.  Different occasions call for specific glasses. C.  Looks:  This one is more about using eyeglasses as a form of expressing one's self at that moment.  
Variety/Choices keeps us from becoming bored with any one thing, 
especially since we are so dependent on our eyeglasses to view and interpret the world correctly. 
A red pair, a blue pair, tortoise, black, a precious metal pair, and how about rimless....infinite varieties.
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