1. Our cutting-edge progressive lens technology is going to be able to increase your viewing angle from 110 degrees to at least 160 degrees.

2. Because our eyes are not completely spherical when they are inside our skull, we're going to measure the eye center rotation, and then we'll incorporate the radius of curvature of your eyes into the design of your progressive lens.

3. Our progressive lenses are going to be the best glasses you have ever had in your life because our progressive lenses are 25 times more accurate than what anyone else can make you.

4. The prescription is accurate to the 1/100ths of a diopter (that is 0.01)

5. Our measurements are 1/10th of a millimeter in accuracy, that's amazing

6. We also measure the Head to Eye Movement Ratio that you have.  You see, some people are more head movers and some people are more eye movers.  If a person has neck problems, they will compensate to become more eye movers, for example.  

7. We meausure during a period of 50 seconds, apply the stability coefficient to make sure that  the measurement is extremely accurate and consistent and again, customize your lens so you may have the best vision you have ever had.