Having a great eyeglasses wearing experience begins with the proper eyeglasses adjustments.  The Progressive lenses could have been expertly crafted; but without the proper adjustment, the optical center of the prescription (and therefore, your progressive lenses) will not be in it's proper location.   My Eyeglasses Adjustment System checks and corrects Progressive Lens Eyeglasses at the following positions-of-wear:  1. WRAP ANGLE (curvature of frame), 2. PANTOSCOPIC TILT (not everyone's ears are at the same level), 3. FRONT-FACING BALANCE (balancing for eyes and eyebrows), 4. TEMPLE LENGTH (the length of the arm pieces have to be adjusted for different head shapes AND different distances to ears), 5. SLIPPING (the temple ends of the frames must be properly curved or straightened depending on preference and to prevent sliding down nose) 6. VERTEX DISTANCE (I make sure your lenses are equidistant to your eyes-very important and often overlooked in most opticals) 7. NOSE PADS (Nose pads must be replaced as they begin to discolor or accumulate dirt or oils)