Get Transitions Lenses to Block Harmful Blue Light

New Video: Transitions lenses have an added purpose that no one is talking about. Transitions lenses completely block all of the the sun's harmful Blue Light.

It's important to block the High Intensity Blue Wavelength because it negativity affects our circadian rythms and affects and contributes to melatonin imbalances.

Transitions lenses do a much more complete job of blocking the Blue Light than the Coatings that are being sold today by other opticals.  

The Coatings sold as add-ons only block 30% of the Blue Light and the sales people selling it to you don't even know these facts. They repeat what they are told to say in their persuasive attempt to generate revenue without providing true value to you. 

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Transcription of Video:
I'm so excited about these new frames I'm getting and they are going to have Transitions Lenses so next time you see these puppies they are going to have the Transitions Lenses that block out the blue light and change colors when you go outside.
So, I'm so excited for my new glasses.  I originally approached Jairo about getting these glasses because I heard that at night especially there is this blue light being emitted from your phone and it's causing you to get restless sleep and so I was like, "tell me about this, is this true?" and Jairo looked into it and he was like yes.  So Transitions Lenses are the way to go.  It will block out 100% of the bad blue light.  So, I'm so excited because now I get to try them on.  Yay!
Oh my gosh, they fit like a glove.  Did you pre-adjust these?
I love them. Oh my goodness! Ok, how long does it take for them to get dark?  We should test it out.
That is a great idea.  Ok let's go outside.
We're going to time it.  We're going outside.  Go!
Turn me sun.
We're at seven, eight seconds, nine...
I'm just going to close my eyes.
That's pretty dark for ten seconds.
Are they getting dark? I can't even tell.
They're getting dark.
But I can tell that I'm not like blinded by the sun.
25 seconds.  Yeah, Yep.
Look how cool they look.  I feel kind of like a movie star. Like I should be on the beach looking at magazines.  And if it was, now it's 90 degrees out there.  If it was colder it would get even darker.
Well, I'm going to have to go somewhere where it's cold.