Xue came in last week and fell in love with one of our most special products:
Sterling Silver with Buffalo Horn Sunglasses.  These are a great pair of sunglasses that are more of a P-3 shape, very classic, and inspired by the 1920's and 1930's.

And now, after a week, her progressive prescription polarized sunglasses are ready.  She doesn't know this yet, but I'm going to let her know as soon as I'm done with this video.  I'm so excited I want to show you first.  
So look at this, she has a know very thick prescription, but look at that I made it very thin and you can't really see it.  They are polarized and they have a special non-reflective treatment on the inside.  So she won't ever have to worry about seeing any annoying reflections of her own eye on the back surface of the lens. 

These come with certificate of authenticity and warranty information as well as an eyeglass case that breaks down into a very flat surface so that you can fit into a pocket.  Then, whenever she would like to travel with them, then it's strong, it's hard.  When the glasses are not in there, then it breaks down flat.  
So that is the unboxing of the Sterling Silver P-3 shape with Buffalo Horn front.
Look at how beautiful this is...B-A-M!