Value Comparison between Mykita vs. RoundTen vs IC Berlin

Value comparisons are a powerful tool in evaluating and quantifying the value proposition that products provides consumers.  We are living in a time when every manufacturer claims their product is of the highest "quality", but they don't substantiate their claims with analysis.  We are here to provide clear and transparent comparisons between similar items and provide our readers with great value in the form of functional and useful information.

The three products we are comparing today are:

1. Mykita

2. RoundTen

3. IC Berlin

All three of these products are manufactured within the European Union (Spain and Germany) and their main component is Stainless Steel.  They each have their proprietary blend or grade of stainless steel, but we consider this to be more of what makes them similar and only provide a negligible difference in determining any Value Comparative Advantage.

Torture Test:

The torture test is a test we use to measure and compare how the eyeglasses perform under abuse.  I understand that abuse is not covered under warranty, but it is essential in predicting how these very pricey products perform under extreme wear-and-tear.  We cover a wooden table with a microfiber cloth and we smash the frames repeatedly while the frames have their temples folded. We repeat the torture test 5 times.  This torture test simulates extreme impact or stress (ie: car running over them).

1. Mykita performed well and passed.  The Mykita frames needed significant adjustment for them to return to regular condition.

2. RoundTen performed well and passed.  The RoundTen frames needed minimal adjustment for them to return to regular condition.

3. IC Berlin performed well 2 out of the 5 times.  The temples fell apart and had to be reassembled 3 out of the 5 times.  The IC Berlin frames needed major adjustment for them to return to regular condition.


The quality of the Mykita, RoundTen and of the IC Berlin products is similar and I would rate it as great quality.  The design is what separates these three leaders in stainless steel frame manufacturing. IC Berlin over simplified the hinge and fail relative to the Mykita and RoundTen collections' design.  Quality is not subjective and neither is design when one lays out clearly the conditions under which the products are graded.

I would like add many peoples' disappointment with IC Berlin over the years.  The temples prove time and time again to be IC Berlin's vulnerability that continues to be ignored.  The temples coming apart is not a rare event isolated and exposed by our torture test. The temples pop out under normal wear-and-tear conditions without any warning or signs of fatigue.

Fit and Comfort:

Fit and comfort are subjective, but still very respected aspect of relative value comparison.

1. Mykita fits wonderful because it is able to be fitted to the contour of the person's head.  The current generation of temple design solves all of the limitations of the 1st generation design.  Thank you, Mykita for listening and adapting to the marketplace.

2. RoundTen also fits wonderful because it is also able to be fitted to the contour of the person's head.  RoundTen had the luxury of learning from the lessons of other companies by taking their time and designing a great pair of frames.  

3. IC Berlin limits themselves greatly as to who they might appeal to with their paddle temple design.  The IC Berlin temple cannot be adjusted in the traditional manner and the flat stainless steel only wraps around the back of the head.  Very awkward to most, leaving the customer with a polarizing opinion that tilts on the negative side.


Comparing Mykita, RoundTen, and IC Berlin on price is where it all begins to get very clear as to the decision on which frame manufacturer provides the most value overall.

1. Mykita sells for over $600 with a few locations selling it for $800

2. RoundTen sells for over $300 with a few locations selling it for $400

3. IC Berlin sells for over $600 with a few locations selling it for $800

Final Thoughts:

IC Berlin and Mykita are great products and are well made, but RoundTen wins this Value Comparison because it offers a great product at a significantly lower price.  

Price is what you pay, Value is what you receive.