Eye Center Rotation Measurements for Progressive Lenses

Transcription: Super Interesting Facts: We're going to nerd out today. Our eyes are not completely spherical at all. When they sit inside of our skull, they are not spherical as they show us in science models. Because of this fact, we measure the eye-center-rotation for progressive lenses and many opticals don't measure this. Eye-Center-Rotation is how your eye rotates inside your skull gives us the radius of curvature. We compensate the progressive lens to factor in for that measurement. Our progressive lens measurements are accurate to the one-tenth of a millimeters in other measurements and one-one hundredths of a diopter in accuracy of progressive lens prescriptions. Our lenses are 25 times more accurate than anyone else's. 25 times more accurate than your doctor. 25 times more accurate than your optician. I'm stating facts

Massada Eyewear Visits Eyewear Republic

Hi Everybody, Today we have a special treat. Michael Schwarz (A.K.A. Michael the German) came in and
he will tell us about his new distributorship from Massada Eyewear. His company is amazing. It's based out of Switzerland and it his U.S. distributorship is independently owned. Massada, a very cool brand, Michael took over the distribution of it in the beginning of the year for North America. All of the titanium frames are handmade in Japan and all of the acetate frames are handmade in Italy. If you check these out, this is just a little flash tray. All of the metal frames have 5 microns of gold plating. The yellow gold come with 24 karat plating and all of the other ones come in 18 karat plating.
Massada metal frames all come with titanium nose pads. The logos are engraved on the frame and they come with a beautiful hard case. All of it is well thought out and the collection is inspired by art, music, film, photography. Many of the inspirations of the frame designs are from sculptures from famous artists which you can see on his Instagram: @massadaeyewearusa. I'm going to be checking this out. He is going to tell me more about it. We're establishing relationships. I'm getting it out there. This is information that people need to know

How To Match Face Shapes with Frames

Eyeglasses are being worn by everyone who is trying to not just complete their outfit, but to put an exclamation mark on their outfit.
But before you start running around picking out eyeglasses and trying them on, no, this is a system and we can help you.
First, we have to figure out what your face shape is so we may provide you the choices that will provide the most contrast for your face shape.  We will also discuss the four major face shapes.  You will identify with one of these face shapes, either exactly or close to it.  Face shapes, that is what we are here to talk about. Face Shapes and Matching them with Eyeglasses

Round shaped faces can be identified by having the widest point at the cheeks while being rounded at the forehead and the chin.
The best shaped frames for rounded shaped faces are rectangle, the frames that are wider, the frames that have more geometry to them, more angular. Those will be the best ones for round faces.  
The shape of frames round faces should never ever ever wear are rounded frames because they don't provide any contrast at all to the facial features.  Keep in mind, also that the fit has to be great.  Even though you found the perfect shape of frame, you want to make sure the frames fit really well.  Make sure the temples are long enough to fit around and behind the ear.  A good comfortable fit  and for the frames to be the right size is very important.

If you have an oval face shape, you hit the genetics lottery jackpot because as long as it fits great  and you're wearing the right size all frame shapes look great on you.  So, congratulations oval faces.

Square shaped faces, welcome to the club.  Guess what? Square Shape Time.
Square shaped faces will have the widest points of their face evenly across the board between the forehead, cheeks, and jaw.  Our square faces are geometric and we need soften up this face shape by having rounded corners.  Don't get angular frame shapes and you'll be alright.  Remember, the eyeglasses have to fit well, they have to be comfortable, and they have to be the right size.

The fourth category of face shapes that you might fall into or identify with is heart shaped, also known as diamond shaped face.  It is characterized by having the jaw line and the chin tapering in quite a bit and the widest points being at the forehead and the cheeks.  
The frames that look the best on heart shaped or diamond shaped faces are going to be renditions of wayfarers.  Wayfarers have the elements rectangle frames on the top and rounded on the bottom or rounded corners on the bottom. 
Here is the thing, too.  Similar to oval shaped faces, heart shaped faces have it the second easiest when it comes to  picking out glasses.  Also congratulations to heart shaped or diamond shaped faces because you have it the second easiest.

Mykita vs RoundTen Value Comparison

Alright, this is a fun video because we get to compare two very like items. 
We have Mykita, which is the closest competitor to RoundTen.
We have two Mykita frames.  They are somewhat flexible.  You can't put the Mykita frames through the torture test like the RoundTens, 
but again these are Mykitas.  They are similar products.
Then, we have the RoundTens.
So, what is the difference?
The Difference is:
While similar materials are used in manufacturing being that they are both 
surgical grade stainless steel based products, the difference is going to be the price.
Mykitas are $550 at opticals.
RoundTen is half that price!
We'll let you decide which one is better and which one provides you the most value.

What is a Transition Lens?
How Does a Transition Lens Work?
...and How Long Does a Transitions Lens Last?

What is a Transition Lens?
Transitions lenses are photochromic lenses that are clear indoors and when you go outside and get direct exposure from UV rays, they activate (get dark).  I've told you about it, but now I want to show you how this process happens within a period of 45 seconds (in this case, much less than 45 seconds).
Look at this, direct exposure to UV rays.  I'm using my finger to cover part of the lens to block the rays from activating the part of the lens covered by my index finger.  When I remove my finger, you notice that it didn't activate.  The transitions or photochromic lenses have to have direct exposure to UV rays.  So that is what a transition lens is!

How Do Transition Lenses Work?
How is it? it's fascinating.  The answer is that it is a carbon based organic compound injected to the front surface of the lens. It is not spread across the entire thickness of the transitions lenses.  It is just in the front surface and it is spread evenly throughout the thin layer. 
Keep in mind when deciding on whether or not to get a transition lens that how dark the transition lenses get is inversely correlated with the ambient temperature.  That means that if you are in 40 degree fahrenheit weather, the transition lenses will get darker than if you are in 110 or 100 degree weather.  

How Long Does Transition Lenses Last?
Under normal wear and tear, the transitions lenses are going to last around 2 years.  Some people that use them quite a bit, they'll last less.  For the most part, it's around 2 years for their shelf life.

Final Thoughts:
Transitions or photochromic lenses are great to have in your wardrobe of eyewear.  They have a purpose, but what they don't do is they don't completely replace your sunglasses.  
So make sure you still have a pair of polarized sunglasses that protect you against the sun's harmful rays and filter light in a way that they eliminate all light coming in from oblique angles.  This is what makes polarized lenses superior to transitions lenses outdoors.  
Transition lenses are great and you should have a pair.
Then, I perform a magic trick (thanks to fancy editing, LOL)

RoundTen Torture Demonstration

RoundTen Demonstration on how they look and how they perform.
Holy geez, if you can't do that with your sunglasses, then what are you waiting for?
Get in here and let me show you the RoundTen Collection

Perfect Progressive Lens Measurements

Hello Everyone, 
Today, I'm bringing you the behind the scenes glimpse as to why our lenses are so perfect and also why our lenses are 25 times more accurate than anybody else's. 
Lena is here to assist and help us out. She is kind enough to take time off from her work to come in during her lunch hour and help us out.  
Lena, in a shy tonality, greets with a, "Hi".
Great, so we're going to put her glasses here, in this futuristic looking thing.  
Now, we're measuring her Head-to-Eye-Movement Ratio.  Not everyone moves their head as much as they do their eyes.  Some people move their eyes more.  Some people move their head more.  We measure that, quantify the ratio and then we customize the lens to reflect that.  Her head-to-eye movement ratio is 0.09.  Which means she is more of an eye mover more than she is a head mover.  Then, we make sure that the accuracy of this measurement is correct by looking at the stability coefficient, which is 0.01.  That is about as good as its going to get when it comes to how accurate, perfect, and reliable this measurement is.  
We've taken some really accurate measurements and now the algorithm will optimize the design and implement it and combine it with what the doctor wants you to have in the form of the eyeglasses prescription.   
We have measurements with the accuracy of 1/10th of a millimeter.  We can also make customizations.  We can make the lenses as big as you would like.  We can also make the lenses as small as you would like.  This is where the computer is making the necessary calculations.
I've taken you behind the scenes and have shown you why we make the most accurate lenses in the business so always remember, "Your eyeglasses are only as great as the optician who crafted them".

Making Rimless Glasses Great Again

Hi, it's Eyewear Republic and today we are looking at 3 piece eyeglasses, otherwise known as rimless eyeglasses. And we're making rimless glasses great again!
Stephen, which  by the way go see him at VespaHouston.com. They have awesome Italian scooters.  Stephen loves his Porsche Design 8143 shape that he has had for a really long while.  He liked  these, which are really nice carbon fiber with a nice red accent color and a titanium front. 
They are rimless and I say that we are only limited to our imagination.  That means that if he likes the chassis, then we can put any lens shape that he would like. 
The job is going to be putting the Porsche Design 8143 shape on the Porsche Design 8236 chassis and that is what I'm in the process of doing for the next several days. 
There is lots that we can do when it comes to you liking a frame, but wanting to change,  alter the shape, making it smaller, bigger, wider.  In his job, we are making it less wide while maintaining the depth. And, it's a different shape.  This concludes the rimless eyeglasses video and I'll be telling you more about how we do it behind the scenes quite often. Stay Tuned!!

5 Reasons for our Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Top 5 Reasons We Get Word of Mouth Referrals 
5. Service Begins When you pick up your eyeglasses and are wearing them in your everyday life. 
4. Genuine: I believe in being genuine with the true intent of what I'm trying to do is help you.
3. Relationships and Experiences: People don't always remember exactly what you said to them, but they do remember how they felt around you.
2. We have to say No sometimes: When we know we can't help someone, we will send them to someone who can help them.
1. Passion: Business is the output of a person's passion. Being great at something doesn't mean they are passionate about. A person has to have the passion, the love, the discipline to really want to help people.
Passion, that's the secret to our word of mouth referrals.

What is the Difference Between UV and Polarized Lenses on My Sunglasses

Hi, We're from Eyewear Republic and today I'm answering a question that Holli asked online, so thank you Holli for asking that question. She asks, "What is the difference between UV protection and Polarization on my sunglasses". So, awesome...great question. The difference is that UV protection can also occur on clear glasses not just sunglasses. And UV protection is going to protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. UV protection can either be applied as a treatment or a coating to lenses that are not inherently protected with UV for example: Glass and CR39 , you have to have a treatment applied to them. Polycarbonate and other plastics, they don't need them because it is already within the lens. So check to make sure your sunglasses as well as your sunglasses are UV protected. Now, Polarization: Polarization is something that allows you to see so much better. It enhances your vision, it gets rid of all the glare on the objects you're looking at by eliminating (say this is a side view of the lens in action) so, if light rays are coming in, it only allows light rays to come in that are parallel (or perpendicular to the lens). It completely blocks out light coming in at an oblique angles. So, that is what causes glare and it reduces it completely, well, it eliminates it completely. So, there we go: the difference between UV and Polarization. UV is within the lens that protects your eyes from the sun's harmful rays and polarization just allows you to see better, prevents squinting and therefore prevents wrinkles. Great thing to do. Hey, keep those questions coming and thank you very much.

Eyeglasses Slipping Down Nose

Hi, it's Eyewear Republic and today's question is asked by Melissa. She says that her eyeglasses are slipping down her nose and it's very annoying for her and she needs something to do until she gets a chance to come by and see us.
I would say, if they're metal temples, you can just be really gentle and careful and go ahead and adjust the temples.
If they are acetate, then something that you have at home would be a hair dryer and warm up these end pieces and then just bend them by hand.
Adjustments are similar to the circus, "Don't try this at home". Okay, let me do it.  I'll gladly do it for you. I'm great at adjusting glasses, but...if you must...then, this is the way to do it.

#1 Way To Save Money Buying Eyeglasses

Hello everyone, Eyewear Republic and today we're going to talk about:
The #1 Secret on How to Save Money Buying Eyeglasses.
The reason why eyeglasses are expensive to begin with is because insurance companies have pretty much taken over the industry during the past 20 years. They own manufacturing plants, insurance companies, retail stores and so prices went up.
All at the same time, the opticals themselves have lost control and the've had increased costs so they have to pass it on to the consumer.
There are ways to save quite a bit of money and having your dollars stretch out further and being worth more in eyeglasses.
So, the #1 secret of saving money when buying eyeglasses is going out-of-network. Don't go in-network. Go out-of-network to an optical that has internet prices.
Now, the internet has been around, it has already matured, there has been products being sold on the internet for 20 years now and opticals is an industry that are way behind on being able to adapt to that environment. So the opticals, a lot of the opticals' prices are still very high. There are a few of us, that believe that going forward, the luxury that has been awarded to these businesses during that last 20 years, is not going to be the same going forwards for the next 20. So, we are early adopters in basically having internet pricing for the optical world in a brick-and-mortar scenario. It's a very unique business model that allows us and a few others to lower prices and provide true value to the consumer.
Here is the breakdown of it:
When you go in-network, you're going to be paying a co-pay of $35. You're going to be paying your monthly fee, your premium which is probably between $5 to $10 dollars a month. So, let's say it's $10 a month, that is $120 a year plus (+) co-pay, plus this and they're only going to cover $80 dollars for your frame? (Pause)
That is pretty obsurd. So people think they are getting a deal by going in-network but they are really not. Insurances are a For-Profit business and there is no way they can make a profit if you're paying them a hundred and they're going to give you $150 dollars. That doesn't exist, it's impossible. So, getting value...true value, from independent opticals that have internet pricing at the brick-and-mortar level so you could actually go in and try the glasses on and get amazing prices and let's say they are maybe $20 or $50 dollars above a good and respectable website, they'll match it or we'll match it or again people can do that.
Businesses that can adapt to that will be able to thrive for the next 20 years. Those who fail to adapt and maintain their prices at ridiculously high levels...well, we'll see what happens to them.
That is the #1 secret on how to save money buying eyeglasses.
So hey, If you would like to suggest a specific topic, if you have a question:
Hey, why don't you tell me below and I'll go ahead and do a video on it.
Thank you

Top 3 Styles for Men and Women week ending 01-19-2019

Hello Everyone, Eyewear Republic and today we're discussing this week's hottest trends and styles in women's and men's eyewear. Now, in women's eyewear, the interesting thing that happened is that Robert Marc ended up taking the top three slots. And this is the #1 Style at our store for women. It's Robert Marc style 892 Color 388. In spot #2: Same frame different color. Style 892 Color 391. And...top slot for women's for the week is style 887 color 364. In men's eyewear, it was split up with 3 different manufacturers. The first one...guess who? Robert Marc.
Men's eyewear style of the week is going to be Robert Marc 893 color 392. This one is awesome! Looks good, nice color, I like it. Then, for #2 we have Porsche Design Rimless 8153 Color D...love the red. You know, I have this style in my prescription,
but it's in a different color, but this one happens to be the second hottest seller this week. This is a really cool one. This is really interesting because it doesn't have the bridge.
This one is Tom Ford 5450 Gunmetal Color with some tortoise. So those are the top 3 for men as well. Alright, please tell what you think below. Write your comments, subscribe, and let's hear what you're thinking about what we're doing. Thanks

3 Reasons Why You Didn't Get The Job - After a Great Interview

Hello Everyone, today we are hanging out at Eyewear Republic
 and we're going to talk about the top 3 reasons why you didn't get the job when you went on this interview 
a couple of weeks ago yet you thought you did awesome.  You thought you nailed it.  You thought you were connecting with the interviewer.  
Well guess what?  This is why you didn't get it.
Reason #1 - Did you wear your 1990's, fashion tinted, rimless glasses that are falling apart and barely hanging on?
Well, that was reason #1 why you probably didn't get it.
What you should have been wearing is; if you wanted to go with something like that,  
updated version is maybe semi-rimless with a bigger orbital, gunmetal color or gold..... B-A-M!!
Reason #2 - Did you wear the safety glasses that your previous employer gave you with the prescription?   Not a good idea.
This is what you might have been wearing and gotten the job.Interesting idea. 
Or, something that frames your eyes, not just outlines them. 
And reason #3 why you probably didn't get the job when the interview went well. 
Because you borrowed your overly cool cousin's glasses whose prescription is similar to yours but let me tell you 
we are not all that cool and we just all can't pull it off like he or she can.  
What could have been wearing if you wanted color or boldness is gone boldness with color 
or the always classic Buddy Holly look, but updated with this rendition.
Well, so, what do you think? Tell me below.
Have you ever had a situation like that?
Those were the top 3 reasons you didn't get the job with the interview that you nailed.
See you soon

3 Reasons For Us You To Build Your Wardrobe of Eyeglasses

Hello Everyone,
Eyewear Republic and thank you for joining us on our YouTube channel.  Subscribe below, comment, tell us what you think.
Today, we're talking about why it's so important for us to help you with build your wardrobe of eyeglasses.  
This all came about because you wouldn't necessarily want to wear your high heels to go to cross-fit or to go workout.  Well, just like you wouldn't wear your flip-flops to a formal event.  If you wouldn't do that, then would wouldn't be able to just have one pair of glasses for all of the things that you do throughout your day or throughout your month or week. 
There are 3 reasons why you need to do this (build your wardrobe of eyeglasses). 
1. Different Activities - If you're reading or using the computer for more than 4 to 5 hours then you're going want a dedicated pair of glasses for that.  Progressive lenses are awesome, but they are not going to be the best glasses for an occasion of that duration.
2. Different Occasions - You'll have a pair for everyday wear, but then also you're going be driving so you'll need a pair of polarized sunglasses with your Prescription. So that right there, just covers two occasions not to mention countless of others.
3. Different Looks -  Variety is the key to ever being bored with your same pair of glasses.  You have your favorite shirt, but you don't wear it everyday.  You should have different glasses for different looks: Red, Tortoise, Green, Rimless, Invisible, Something that frames your eyes, something that outlines your eyes, so lots of different choices. 
Thank you for tuning in.  Comment Below and tell us what your favorite pair of glasses are for different looks, different occasions, different activities that  you do. Ask questions, engage, lets talk about this.  Alright...Thank you for watching

Behind The Scenes: Processing an Online Tom Ford Order

Transcript: Hello, it's Eyewear Republic and today I'm taking you behind the scenes. We just received another order online and I wanted to show you how this works. The order came from New York and we have Manuel to thank at MC Optical Corp. It is model number Tom Ford 5276 Color 001 Size 51. I've already labeled the box. Printer is not working so I did it by hand (the old fashioned way). Pulled the case with the certificate of authenticity and microfiber cleaning cloth. Now, we pull the frame. Tom Ford 5276 001 51, this is it right there. That is the process. Thank you very much. Keep those orders coming. We ship out the same day.

How To Tell Real vs Fake Tom Ford Eyeglasses Frames

Transcript: Hello Everyone, it’s Eyewear Republic and today we are talking about how to distinguish between an authentic vs fake Tom Ford eyeglass frame. The real Tom Ford frames, if they have a metal temple, will have a metal Tom Ford insignia on the outer side of the temple tips which is the visible end of the temple tips. You can’t see them on the camera, but in real life, you’d be able to see them. If the Tom Ford frame is an acetate frame with acetate temples, they will have a small metal plaque that says Tom Ford at the temple tips (they all have it). Another way to ensure that you are buying an authentic Tom Ford frame is that they come with their authentic Tom Ford protective case. This case is a clamshell case. Tom Ford has different styles. They have the one that has the magnetic flap and many sunglasses fit here. Even the clamshell ones will come in different sizes with the larger ones protecting the sunglasses. They’ll have the smaller one, too (for clear frames). They have the certificate of authenticity, and a cleaning cloth. I would like to remind people that it is against the law completely, to sell counterfeit goods. US Code Section 18 Title 2320 - outlines the Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods and Services makes it against the law to sell them. I don’t know what it is to buy them, but we only sell authentic product so it’s important that people know this.
It’s important that people find out how to tell if what they are buying on the internet is real or not. So, please tell me what you think. Comment below, subscribe to our channel where you’ll get lots of tips, humor,
lots of technical information for you so that you can have a great eyewear experience. Remember, price is what you pay and value is what you receive. We want to create a ton of value
so that we’re known for giving way more than what we ever received. Thank you, everyone!

Important Decision Before Buying Progressive Lenses

Hello Everyone,
Eyewear Republic and today we want to talk about the most important decision that you'll make before buying progressive lenses. 
You'd probably think that the most important decision is, "which lens to get" because there are many choice out there and the technologies vary. 
But No, the most important decision is who is going to craft and who is going to measure these progressive lenses.
That is more important than which lens.  Eyeglasses are not created equal.  They are only as good as the optician who is taking the measurements.  Even though you chose a really good lens design, you could very well end up with a bad experience.  The way to avoid a bad experience is to make sure that you are fitted correctly. 
0:51 seconds
When you come in and meet the Optician and you choose your pair of eyeglasses, lots of things are discussed, like how long will you be wearing them, what activities will you do when you are wearing these glasses.  That conversation will influence which fields of vision do we want to optimize and prioritize.  I'll give you an example:
A person that drives 8 hours a day has to prioritize a different field of vision (which would be the distance vision) than a person actually uses the computer for 8 hours a day.  A person that uses the computer for 8 hours a day, they're going to need the intermediate, which is around armslength away.  
There are differences in what you would like to optimize in the form of priority of fields of vision.
1:35 minutes
There have been instances in my career, in fact many of them.  When a customer has gotten a set of glasses from me and then lets say they were out of town and they needed to have a set of lenses done because of an emergency, they lost them,  they needed a new pair.  For whatever the reason and they got a pair of glasses somewhere else and the other optical used the same type of lens maybe even the same equipment to measure and they did everything they were supposed to somewhere else, but yet, the customer didn't like the lenses they bought somewhere else.  The customer preferred the lenses that I crafted with the measurements and the way in which I took them and the way I customize the priorities in the fields of vision.  
2:16 minutes
That is important because it all goes back to answering the question which is: What is the most important part of the progressive lens experience 
and that is going to be making sure that a great Optician is the one who takes the measurements and helps you make certain decisions 
based on the information that is how you are going to be wearing out there in the field.  
Comment, lets engage, tell me what you think.  Have you had a set of glasses that haven't really worked for you even though the 
Optician did the best or what are some great experiences that you've had. Lets share them and lets get them out there.

Stop Going To Work Everyday

Good Morning Everybody, I wanted to share something with you and this is pretty enlightening.  
This view right here, going to where I'm going in the morning, obviously.
Today is a little different because of all the places I could be, I decide to come out here and help people and that makes a big difference.  
A lot of people go to work, and you know what?  Going to work is a drag, but when you love what you do and you know you are helping people...that makes a difference.
So, stop going to work, find a passion you like, follow it, do it, and enjoy it and live your life well.

RoundTen Collection Debut

So happy to be here at Eyewear Republic to introduce the RoundTen Collection.
RoundTen, lightweight, extremely durable, and weight anywhere between 18 to 20 grams.  The material it is made of is Flextal.
We own it, we design it, and it is PVD coated fused into the high grade stainless steel.  The material is extremely lightweight extremely durable.  It does not have any soldering points and it does not have any screws.  Extremely easy to disassemble for the optician.  Patented temple design.  
Comes in variations of color.  It is definitely made to take a beating and keep on ticking.  
We hope you enjoyed your RoundTen introduction and we look forward to taking care of Eyewear Republic and all of their incredible clients

Cognetic Video Testimonial

I'm Jairo from Eyewear Republic and I wanted to thank Brian and Cognetic by giving them a video testimonial about all of the work they've done and for saving the company on 3 specific occasions.  
The first time they saved me was when the store was undergoing the build-out and there were many problems.  The contractor abandoned the job.  There wasn't anyway of getting anything finished when it came down to computers, networking, internet, and phone lines.  
One phone call fixed everything.  Had I waited for AT&T or for all of the other companies to come in individually and finish the tasks they were hired for, it would never had gotten done, or at the very least would have been delayed a further month.  
Brian and the crew at Cognetic came in and finished everything.
On Occasion number two, this particular piece of equipment behind me is completely important for my business.  We sell eyeglasses but nothing gets done or completed or processed without this lens measuring device.  It broke down.  It was completely turned off.  I took it to Brian at Cognetic and he fixed it.  I don't know the details, I just know the machine was dead and Brian turn-keyed everything from start to finish and had it ready in an unbelievable amount of time and got the business up and running again.
The third time that Brian and Cognetic saved the day was with this specific machine when it went down.  Brian was able to look at the motherboard, run diagnostics, came up with the solution, and fixed it.  Again, turn-key, start to finish, did it and saved the day.  This is a lens processing equipment that in the eyewear business glasses don't get done until this baby is up and running.  
Thank you, Brian and thank you everybody at Cognetic that make everything possible.  Without you guys, my business would be completely ruined.  So, thank you.

How To Get More Google Reviews

Super quick video helping people that have questions about how is it that even with the few people that i might see on a daily basis, (because my business is very one on one) and it is not a high traffic business model, that a high percentage of them are able to go out there and give Google reviews and how is it? Do I ask them? How is it that I'm able to get a high percentage of people people I serve to give a Google review? 
The answer is that I don't ask for them, per se.  All I do is I request that if they would like others to benefit how they benefited is to go to Google and provide only the number of stars they feel I deserve.  Not one star more, only the number of stars I deserve.  
Humbly requesting that changes the game because many people are cheesy  and they selfishly ask for a good review.  That doesn't work because it isn't being humble.  
As long as you are giving your best, executing with passion, integrity and doing truly the best you can and exceeding people's expectations.  That is the way to do it. Get out there
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