What is the Best Progressive Lens?

If you've ever asked the question to an optician, "What is the Best Progressive Lens?" and if they actually gave you an answer...
Then that should already tell you that they have no idea what they're talking about. 
Progressive Lenses are crafted in such high degree of presicion, with so many variables as inputs.  Example: how the frame fits you in the wearing position.  Taking into account Pantoscopic Tilt, Wrap Angle of Frame, Vertex Distance (distance between your lens and your cornea) and also the ability to customize by optimizing specific parts of the frame whether it be distance or intermediate or reading distance to best fit your lifestyle and how you're going to be wearing them in your everyday life.
So before this conversation is had there isn't any way to come to a conclusion as to: What is the Best Progressive Lens?
The question should be asked as follows:
What is the Best Progressive Lens considering how the frame fits me and how I'm going to be wearing it.
Because the secret lies in optimization availability.  Not about one specific brand or one specific lens.  Those days are over.  We're living in a customization age, now!