3 things happen when light strikes a lens:
1. light passes through
2. light gets absorbed
3. light gets reflected
The reflected light accounts for 8 to 12 percent of light lost to reflections.  Not having that light pass through to our eyes results in annoying halos around light sources, especially at night.
Anti Reflective treatment allows 99.9% of light to pass through also reducing eye fatigue in front of the computer.  
Anti Reflective treatment technology has advanced greatly since its inception.  At first, the AR treatment (as it is affectionately referred to in certain "cool" sectors) was a few layers thick and would peel easy and impossible to keep from smudging.  Now, the Anti Reflective treatment technology is more advanced and is very resistant to scratches (resistant, not scratch-proof).
If you haven't had Anti Reflective Treatment on your eyeglasses, give it a try. If you had it before and were dissatisfied, give it a try with an optical that will guarantee the quality and stand behind their product.
Don't let 8 to 12% of light keep you from living life.  Reflections at night are the #1 complaint from people that have had Lasik Vision Correction Surgery. 
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