One of the many misconceptions that peoples have is that they cannot have a rimless pair of glasses because they feel or they've been told in the past by other opticals that their prescription is too high for their glasses.

If someone has ever told you that, I'm sorry that they said because it's not really true.  There are so many things that we can do to optimize the lenses in order to make them thinner, lighterweight, for your optics to be 25 times more accurate than what anybody else can make you.

So, this is an example... This gentleman came in and he has a high prescription.  What he had been told in the past is that he could not wear rimless glasses and that's just flat out not true.  This is what he got, a very nice pair of RoundTen. Look at the nice detail here.

This is what the lenses look like, very nice, not very thick at all.  
He has a -4.00 (diopters).  A -4.00 prescription.   Looks very nice.
This is the top view, bottom view.

You can wear any pair of frames that you like, whether they have a frame, don't have a frame, maybe they have a thin orbital around the lens.  Either way, you have limitless options.

I hope if you have any questions about whether or not your prescription will fit on your lenses (meant to say frames), that you'll call me, text me, or comment below.  We can begin the conversation so that you can have many many many options.  More options that you've ever had to pick out glasses.

Remember, the fun part is picking out your glasses, picking out from so many different styles, considering your face shape, considering what you do on a daily basis, what your activities are, the colors that you like to wear (see that's the thing).

I'm here to help you.  I hope you have great day... talk to you soon.

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